No need to reinvent the wheel, could something like Diaspora be ported to SAFE?

Could Diaspora be ported to SAFE? What other apps would be simple to translate to safe. Would these be able to connect to existing networks or would it only make sense if it built a new network within safe?

Dunno about Diaspora, but with SAFE-Drive many native programs on a computer will be able to use safe with little or no modification

For open-source applications then I expect that it will be modifying the file access functions to use safe apis


SAFE-Drive is thee most important app for a successful launch imo. So many apps could utilize it to do much bigger and better things. Especially desktop apps that can query clear net before uploading to SAFE.


Diaspora would not be a good starting point to create a social app on SAFE because it relies on a lot of server side code, and because it is federated. Too much of the code would be different.

I suspect that it will take a while for the best way to implement this kind of app to be worked out, but still expect it to happen quite early on because of the value and enthusiasm for such an app.


Yes I forgot the web-server type of APPs. They will take some re-designing