No money - no own computer - how to get on the SAFE Network

I introduced myself and my particluar circumstances in this thread last summer. I haven’t made any inroads into the community since. Now that the SAFE Network is up and running in what, beta, mode, I would like to test the waters again. (btw , I’ve also registered an account at the SAFE Network Wiki).

I figure there are two issues I need to overcome:

  1. finding a firefox add-on/extension through which I will be able to register with and log into the SAFE Network and to browse its webpages
  2. find ways other than using regular money that I can accrue the necessary currency to do stuff that isn’t free,

Firefox add-on

I have located safe_firefox_addon, but I’ve been unable to install it. The README tells me NodeJs should be installed. I don’t know how to check that here on my public library PC running Lububtu 14.04. Anyway, I don’t know what to do next.

My terminal doesn’t allow me much latitude. The only thing resembling a command line prompt is this:

Anything requiring a sudo command is obviously beyond my user rights.

Anyway, I’m stuck.

Perhaps I need to wait until this or another add-on is published via Firefox’ own repository interface?

and after configuring the proxy-setting correctly the only thing you need is the launcher ( Release SAFE Launcher · maidsafe-archive/safe_launcher · GitHub )

just execute the “safe_launcher” and with the correct proxy-settings it should work :slight_smile:

[maybe you need to restart the launcher/firefox … some people reported it didn’t work without that … i personally didn’t have this problem]

ps: the firefox addon you found is an outdated solution; the addon os no longer necessary and with correct proxy-settings every browser/program will work with the safe network

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How can I “execute the launcher”? I’m in a public library. I don’t have any rights to install software in this system. That’s why I was mentioning the Firefox add-on. At present, only through an add-on am I able to download torrents (Torrent Tornado).

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hmmm - at the (ubuntu) station i’m sitting at it is 1. download the zip file 2. extract them into a folder 3. right-click on “safe_launcher”-> execute

no need for any privileges - if you are allowed to write files on the drive it should work

edit: hmmmm but the computer has to be 64bit … since i think i see lubuntu running there this might be an older computer … so … you might run into a problem with that …
…since all those raspberrys, beaglebones and other mini-pcs are 32bit this will change … the devs are working on it …

edit2: or are you really not allowed to execute Any file except some whitelisted …?! then of course this couldn’t work …


hmmm - at the (ubuntu) station i’m sitting at it is 1. download the zip file 2. extract them into a folder 3. right-click on
“safe_launcher”-> execute

When I right-click the safe_launcher icon (that has a cog wheel on it) I get the following options:

Open with…
Move to Trash
Copy Path(s)

Not ‘Execute’


maybe it is not marked as executable

you could try: right-click → properties → (here at ubuntu it is the 2nd tab) execute file as program

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Well, I double click and get a dialog box offering to ‘Execute’ or ‘Execute’ in Terminal’

When I choose the first nothing happens. When I choose the second, nothing, I just get this

“fant ikke kommandoen” means ‘didn’t find the command’

In properties File type is: ‘Kjørbar’ which means executable.

hmmm but there is a terminal now!

(sorry i’m no pro … so i’m a little bit guessing what the problem might be right now …)

how about checking if you are running a 32bit-system …?

> uname -a

should output something with x86_64 or only *86 … if the output is *86 you are running a 32bit linux and then the launcher can’t work right now

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Linux lambklient9 3.13.0-74-generic #118-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 17 22:52:02 UTC 2015 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

:disappointed: then i’m pretty sure the command was not found because it is not defined for 32bit …

But i’m very hopeful 32bit versions of the launcher will become available soon … - a friend of mine with an older laptop ran into the same problem …
(and i can’t run it on my ubuntu phone because arm isn’t supported yet as well :disappointed_relieved: )

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OK. I hope someone will give a heads-up to me when that happens…

Thanks so much for helping so far!

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you’re very welcome! :slight_smile: if i don’t forget it i’ll PM you - hopefully you’ll get a mail-notification then :wink:

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try to enter ./safe_launcher instead of safe_launcher.


Well, at least that gets me a response:

bash: ./safe_launcher: cannot execute binary file: Ugyldig format på eksekverbar fil

Translating the last from Norwegian: Invalid format of executable file

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this indeed means that your library is running a 32bit system. So, I’m afraid, you will have to wait for 32bit-executables. But I think in your special case, if I recall your thread from last summer correctly, it might be better for you to wait for a somewhat more final release anyway.

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I would just like to note that many businesses and government agencies also prohibit their employees from downloading software onto their machines. This could be a problem if someone comes in with a safe website and the employer can’t view it unless they download the launcher and addon.

As to the topic of how one could help. Well if we start designing fliers and brochures at some point there’s always physical paper materials distribution that can be done. :smile: Tell friends that DO have computers. Carry the maidsafe otaku forwards!


I think your post highlights a huge problem in developing countries especially. I think I read yesterday that Africa’s population is exploding and will have 4 billion by 2050 or something like that, yet most will be poor.

How do we get SAFE net into those peoples hands if they have no money and no computer?

Rental system?


Work for bounty?

Just adding I think something like this is perfect for people short on money, especially if they group buy: PiTFT Plus 480x320 3.5 TFT+Touchscreen for Raspberry Pi : ID 2441 : $44.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Its $44.95 or $35.96 for 100+

If 100 of us here sponsored 1 person each we could buy them at bulk, have them delivered for re-pack, supply a 16GB stick with it, add the necessary SAFE software’s and launchers and then send them out to people in tough situations?

Kickstarter campaign.

I would easily start something like this, just unsure if the tech would be the best/cheapest and how I would go about pre-loading everything?

Another idea would be if a merchant comes along that can offer us a turnkey solution maybe they can offer an option where the buyer pre-orders and pays for someone else?

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I think that kind of projects would better be suspended until after the release of the network, when it’s clear how everything works on what platforms. :slight_smile: