No matter what your belief is on the Value of DASH -- There is an important lesson we can learn

Continuing the discussion from SAFEr Browser(s) Proposal:

How we support different approaches and ideas can have dramatic affects on our individual future. @fergish and I have been invested much of our effort in this community and also received a ton of value back out from important lessons on how people can work together.

One of my biggest fears for this world changing potential the SAFEnetwork offers is that it will fall victim to a similar weakness that Bitcoin is revealing more and more as we all observe cracks getting larger and larger from lack of human consensus.

I will just speak for myself here, but I think DASH is evolving into an example of how decentralized networks can preserve social consensus. HempSweet, which is a brain child of both John and I with a whole lot of others who have contributed where they could…Crowd Found Hub by @chadrickm being a big one.

Right now we are attempting something that has never been tried with these new decentralized tools that are available today for us to improve and evolve with. I also wanted to share this with the community as evidence of what happens when we focus on stuff that makes others stronger through acceptance and inclusion. HempSweet is currently trying to continue this inspiring approach in the DASH community by showing them a possible path of discovering value in other communities who share similar visions…specifically decentralized ecosystems.

If anyone feels so inclined, please support our pre-proposal by posting in the thread here: HempSweet Decentralized Industrialization Alliance Proposal | Dash Forum


I wish you all the best! I was thinking not too long ago what was going on with crowd found hub? This is kind of a decentralized governance or collaboration system correct?? I would really like to see that evolve and adopted by the greater community.

I too see value in DASH’s governance model but it is also greatly tied into their masternode system which is a good concept in ways. I feel like DASH is like an evolved version of TOR but for crypto currency. I was a fan back in the Darkcoin days in fact. Although I feel as that their system is still not as fair or decentralized as it could be, a lot of these master nodes are early adopters and having such a low available supply coupled with coins being tied up in master nodes inflates the price of their currency. That’s another story though.

Can you elaborate more on crowd found hub, DASH, and how HempSweet works with these?


This probably shows the integration best, which some text was taken directly from our Crowd Found Hub Proposal we worked on about a year ago: Decentralized Governance Federation - Google Docs

You can count on my financial help, but I’m too busy to help otherwise.

I’m looking into PIVX (a fork of DASH) as well as dash as they are talking about a governance model that is more inclusive of everyone who owns PIV. It is also POS and I know some folks don’t like POS. I still don’t quite understand why and would like to learn from those who have studied it a bunch.

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Hey @chadrickm it was my understanding that DASH has modulized/separated the voting/proposal system. Is this correct? If so could it work well with crowd found hub or perhaps our community to make proposals?

I’m not sure what you mean by “modulized/seperated”. But I’ve been watching the proposals and suggesting some things in the forums. It would be a great fit for the ideals of the Hub. A lot of those ideas are already included in how the monthly budget works. It’s missing the pledge or feature funding aspect, but it’s close. I’m doing a lot more research into both DASH and PIVX.

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Okay very cool! What I meant by that is separated from the core code. I had listened to a crypto show episode where someone from DASH had explained they were making it more accessible. Hope that makes sense.

Yea @chadrickm you are smart to keep looking. My experience thus far with the DASH community (even before our current proposal) has been “we are decentralized governance and that is why we are wining.” Well they absolutely do have a governance model, but after this experience with our proposal that asks for 14% of this months budget and was not “approved by management” has been a very eye opening experience.

We were immediately attacked for with things like “it has nothing to do with DASH” so we and several others in the community showed them proof with zero doubt that is has everything to do with Dash and huge value.

Then we get a public statement from the “CFO of Dash” (decentralized?) saying ‘it was too expensive’ and would decrease the value of the Dash currently in circulation. So we showed them that it was 14% of the one month budget and would cause of 0.014% inflation on the total economy (That still struggles with the 1.9MM instamine problem); the bulk of the payment would go directly into the hands of farmers, hemp refinery, merchants, and all the employees of these different companies in the economical loop. Plus, there was over 60% of the budget that still was not filled and would just be destroyed, so now they are pumping in every damn core controlled proposal to take up all remaining unallocated funds before voting stops on the April 1st.

Here is a shot of the current layout:

So what I have learned from this is Governance is imperative for human consensus, but just having a public governance model isn’t enough if one group of people own the large, large, stake. That will become even worse than Bitcoins no human consensus governance…in my humble opinion. If you want rapid change, and rapid scaling and rapid assent for power then a centralized governance model is best, but there sure in the hell needs to be a solid plan on how to pivot to a decentralized distribution of stake holders and workers.

This Dash budget cycle is very important to study because it is my opinion that at this very moment this community full of potential just started the beginning to the end. I say this based on the early adopters have assented in personal wealth, had a vehicle to bring in new talent/value to the fold to ensure the long term value of the project and had the resources to achieve their core needs and also support things outside of their bubble to help shoulder the work and decentralize power/control…and they are now as it stands choosing to centralize all their resources and power into the hands of a few individuals. Definitely not disruptive. I hope MaidSafe is building with these lessons in mind.

Obviously I could just be sour about how we have been treated, but what if what I’m saying could also be a factor.