NIST Prepares to Ban SMS-Based Two-Factor Authentication

Godvernment does not indicate to tell us what is secured and what is not. Free market does. Just because somebody lost their phone doesn’t mean it is okay to ban the whole security setup.

2-factor authentication is far superior than what free market provides to date! So do tell me what is your solution that is superior than 2-factor authentication, godvernment?! Oh right, you don’t have a solution.

Let’s ban a solution, and have people not to use a solution. Hur dur…


Actually they are considering removing it from favoured security solution for government systems. Its not a Ban by government, just that it will be considered insecure as an overall security solution.

Some of the points that actual report made (not article) make sense and as voip gains ground over traditional SMS services the risk of hijacking increases. In other words SMS is becoming more insecure.