Nikola Tesla: genius, feminist, and fan of bees


Very interesting interview with Tesla, who in 1926 predicts the mobile phone, the rise of women as the superior intellect, and takes inspiration for humanity from bees. Amongst other things.

A short piece well worth a read:


BTW things are looking up for UK bees with honey yields up from 30lb per hive to 40lb per hive in the last year. :smile:


When I was going through some of the fringe stuff from David Wilcock there was all this stuff on
time-space" vice space-time. Time-space is supposed to be the complement to space time, like the imaginary version of a number. He attempted to tie it to Tesla and a bunch of Russian research. What I struck me as so amazing about the notion of time-space is that it was so mundane but so beyond outrageous in its potential. The time-space makes it sound like every spot in the universe opens into a friendly wormhole that human bodies enter into to go anywhere in space time safely and without much energy. We do have particles popping out of void but this is such a leap.

Another one was a “time eye” a system for remotely viewing events anywhere in time space. It needed something like a human bodies’ worth of water heated to room temperature and encased in wax. It had some incredible name in Wilcock’s descriptions like “Schrodinger box” Wilcock claims these things have been built. One thing Wilcock does in his books is attempt to paint a political picture of a world where time travel is happening all the time and is completely natural. In Dr Who, its just the Dr with a Tardis.

Interesting article about John Cramer’s more mainstream research on time travel