Nick Lambert and David Irvine - Maidsafe - Blockchain123


This helped me understand a key aspect of the ddos defense with caching.


Definitely among the very best MaidSafe YouTube videos in history :slight_smile:

The Q&A with David was #1


I really enjoyed that and learned a lot :slight_smile:


Gotta remember the vid is a year old though , but agree, great presentation.


It’s older than that.

I think it’s more like 2+ years old… I remember watching it well over a year ago anyway.

How cool will it be if we really have seen the last of all the inevitable set-backs for such a huge and innovative project?!

Something like SAFEnet was always going to have an epic back-story. I feel quite glad it has already had its fair share of bumps in the road and paid a heavy price in the blood, sweat and tears of its authors. I’d be very suspicious of an easy ride to the starting gate - if it were easy someone else would have done it by now.

Fingers crossed for a very exciting q1 and q2 next year!


Most people would give up, not mentioning never starting in the first place with such a daring project. If there is someone who can do this it’s the MaidSafe team. We need them to succeed and I’m sure they will.