Nice write up, but still talks about PARSEC


If the writer could get David’s name right it would be a start…

Still seems genuinely enthusiastic and hopefully will attract more interest.


He will get his name right when David is the master of universe…all in good time.


Good to see the attention but too many howlers for me to read to the end :roll_eyes:

I’ve sensed an uptick over recent weeks leading up to Vaults at Home, and now we have that (and things are being fitted into place increasingly rapidly) I think this will continue: media, forum and MAID (expect volatility there though, so if you trade, buy low sell high :rofl:).

My Odroids are [cough] running the latest code and I have the vault installed on my cloud server. I suspect I’m not the only one getting ready. We’ve seen new people posting on the forum.

Expect enquiries about farming to increase. Join us!

It’s happening!



Nevermind [cough] I just about choked to death.


Yes - full of howlers but nothing too terrible to put off new users/supporters.
Hopefully will stir some interest. I liked the emphasis of needing to do some basic reading to properly get into this. And when they show up here, we can set them right.


Yes I saw this it’s a pretty good effort IMHO. I hope Mr Irwin likes it :joy:

We need to support independent stuff like this whichever way we can. I signed up took two seconds, liked, commented and tipped via their loop ring token sponsor.


This is the same guy that used to wrestle alligators and tackle ostriches in the outback, right?


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I forgot to ask if PARSEC was still under review?


We are removing it completely now. We found it to slow and resource greedy, which may be fixable, but the surrounding components do not want or need total order of all events. Therefor it does not fit our needs. For a single purpose network like a money only thing, then it may be great for that. Perhaps as a permissioned network like hashgraph or Libra etc. it would be a good fit.

[Edit, if you meant the paper peer review, then it’s still ongoing AFAIK]


I thought PARSEC is revolutional, but It’s just nothing after so much time, I think the same will be with CRDT after it will be implemented, it looks like project take so much time and everything need to change time after time

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PARSEC is revolutionary for totally ordered BFT in that it’s async.

Specifically, why do you think that is? Is a comment made from experience, familiarity with the state of the art or something else?

Yip, welcome to the universe we live in :wink: After launch much will change and the next day the same and so on.


Hey friend, please see the Routing part ot this update - we are here and we are more strong that ever :dragon:

This was what I was referring. I just wasn’t sure if it being dropped would have impacted that at all. Thanks for the quick reply.