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Electronic polling cards, in effect.
Yes I know you can vote without your polling card but this is the UK where such fraud is accepted.
At least its not NI where “Vote early, vote often” is still a thing, so I’m told :slight_smile:

Here is a way. The ticket company has a 500 SNT DBC. He mints 500 DBC outputs for 1 SNT each. He then publicly announces the input DBC that creates the 500 DBC (each of which contains a signed ticket). People pay for these tickets (this could have been done at mint time). So they say Ok here is 10 SNT can you sign over the 1 SNT that contains the ticket to me?

On entry the doorperson checks this DBC you hold for 1SNT is valid and is a descendant of the publicly known original Dbc. (to prevent sharing a ticket, you can be asked to sign the Dbc over on entry etc. i.e. back to the issuer or venue or …)

That’s one way at least. I am sure that can be much slicker though.


If DBCs are imminent, will we shortly be able to use test DBCs like we have test coins right now? I can think of a real world small scale test case for this coming up in a couple of weeks.


These are non-transferable and issued by some authority and not really a NFT thing. The authority will just issue the doco/card/etc and it is an object on Safe if recorded there. Yes you could make it an NFT just for the exercise but no benefits as far as I can see to the authorities, police, boarder patrol, etc. They would simple check the issued number against the record/cppy on Safe to verify it.

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David said it should be in a test not this coming week but the next.


My initial brain dump of thoughts on NFTs impact on music:

On the whole, music is a one-to-many endeavour. Musicians have a unique message, and signature sound, and they want it to be heard by as many people as possible. Do NFTs help in that regard?

I’m not really seeing the benefit, on the whole, for most musicians of artificially creating scarcity for digital music, aside from some fun niches, or funding approaches, patronage or close fanbase style. NFTs alone, just as a way to repackage music, won’t really solve many problems that musicians face. But as one small part of a more systemic change, they are—conceptually, if not in current execution—a welcome addition.

But, beware the new tech that just allows pre-existing power structures to be entrenched.

Where NFTs might get useful in music:

I’d mainly be thinking about how ways NFTs can be used to cut out middlemen. For example music publishing, with fewer middle men. Music syntonisation, without the protracted processes, and DMCA takedowns.

Music Sampling rights managment could get interesting too. with fewer middlemen. I can chop and sample anything I like, and make new music for it, and there could be an automated way of administering the rights of what I’ve sampled.


Does this price that the person at the door is the person who bought the DBC, or does it only prove it isn’t a copy/fake of a valid DBC?

I don’t understand how this works well enough to answer that myself. It seems to me the must be a way for me to buy from the ticket company, then pass this on to somebody else. Even if by sharing the private key. The recipient can’t be sure it’s not also been sold to someone else, but that’s also a potential problem today (fake tickets). But a ticket tout has an interest in delivering a valid ticket rather than selling the same ticket on multiple times, or people will stop buying from touts.

Anyway, it’s not a big issue. There are plenty of ticketing situations where this right be such a big deal.

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If you share also the private key then they have it BUT for them to make sure you don’t double spend (sell it again as it’s data) then the recipient would need to re-mint it (get it signed over to a key they own). Then the Dbc is 2 steps away and we know it’s been resold.

2 steps away meaning

Seller issues Dbc from a parent. Those Dbcs can check the parent Id and see it’s the seller and it’s been spent. So ok there. The doorman gets the ticket

  • Checks it’s parent is the issuer AND the parent is spent BUT this one is not.

If this one had on checking the ticket this one has a parent that is not the issuer, so black market.


This is what I was thinking, so in order to solve the particular problem I posed would require real world identity. Not a massive deal, but worth clarifying.


Ah yes of the issuer. It would indeed. The buyer though is not required to id themselves, just pay.

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We’re at cross purposes. No matter, I understand what I was checking out. Thanks.