Next Steps: Community Exchange Listing Fund

Starting a new topic on next steps to get the Community Exchange Listing Fund up and running because the original thread has gone off topic. This topic is to highlight that anyone who voted in support of this effort should directly DM me to join the discussion on next steps.

As significant next steps are decided, they will be reported here as needed.


I strongly oppose this money-raising. Why is this person constantly trying to raise money?

I think it’s fine to disagree with it, but she’s been perfectly clear exactly why TBH.


There is nothing wrong with raising money to really try to make an impact, especially if this is entirely voluntary. This is taking leadership, which deserves encouragement and appreciation.


I just sold some MAID, so I would donate more than my original vote if there is a truly viable option.


60 people indicated they’d like to contribute funds to this effort to a total of ~$333K, which is amazing. Thanks to everyone who followed up on next steps. We’re starting to decide on logistics and fund allocation.

If you want to contribute funds and weigh in on these decisions, please let me know ASAP. If you only want to contribute funds and would rather not participate in the decision-making, that’s ok too. We’ll post all major decisions.