Next SAFEdev meetup in Córdoba - Argentina (Nov 14)

We’ll be having a new meetup for those around in Cordoba-Arg on Nov 14th.
As before, we like it very informal, to have a nice moment discussing about the things we like…ohh!..and about the SAFEnet too :smile:


Can they have a meet up in Kuala Lumpur pleaseeeeee…


Been trying to find a good location.

Potentially INTI Technical University in Puchong where I currently live. But I’ll also be moving into KL at the beginning of Nov so it should become easier to find a more central location.

Definitely feeling the itch for it too, after not being able to do them in SF for the past 2 months

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Meet ups are organised by community members and not Maidsafe.


You are in Puchong? Malaysia? I work in Sunway which is 10 minutes away…i think you are in the telegram group…let me check and maybe i’ll msg you.

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yeah @WhiteOutMashups in telegram, and sunway is close

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