Next SAFEdev meetup in Córdoba - Argentina (March 16)

Given the variety of good things happening in the project during the last few months, I would like to invite to those who will be around in Córdoba-Arg on Thu, March 16, to come and join us to have some fun and a talkative SAFE evening.

There is plenty of things to talk about, I’m willing to share some of my experience so far implementing apps for the SAFEnet, and last but not least, enjoy some good beer and meet new people!

There will be some free beer and SAFEnet stickers for the first 10 to arrive at the bar :wink:


Che queda un poco lejos, no se puede hacer en Buenos Aires? Quizás lo más práctico sea una sesión en Hangouts.


Hola @piluso!, I’ll reply in English here just so I’m not kicked out by the mods :slight_smile:

The previous one we had was thru a hangout session, we played with the Test #11, using the browser, the launcher and some of the demo apps, sending some SAFE emails :wink: back in November.

I’m definitely up for doing it again, since it opens up the possibility to have people from different places, like @sprks who joined us last time from Spain.

So how about we aim at having one late March or beginning April?


Just a reminder for those around tomorrow evening in Córdoba-Arg, we are 8 people going so far as per RSVP.