NEXT.Exchange listing

Hey guys,

As promised I’ve been contacting a few of my connections from my Head of Public Relation job at Luxcore. NEXT.Exchange has been one of my favourite exchanges that I’ve had been in touch with, even though they haven’t launched their actual exchange yet. These guys have been nothing but professional, and are really showing to have an amazing potential. I’ve asked them if they’re open for listing MAID and they told me it would be no problem.

If the team would like to get listed here they can apply on the NEXT website:

Also feel free to PM me and I can get us into a Telegram group with the NEXT team to discuss further listing procedure.


I would be interested in any exchange not requiring ‘selfies’. I raised the issue and opportunity with ChainRift however they don’t appear to be interested in making accommodations.

you don’t need to verify to use chainrift.



Language on their website contradicts that claim, language in their agreement doesn’t support that claim, and as I mentioned here trusting soft ‘policies’ on the word of a staffer on a forum is why Poloniex was able to steal 5 figures USD of MAID from me. I shan’t make the same mistake twice.


You could not verify your identity on Poloiex, they did not steal from you, they only followed US law that demands that exchanges verifies customers. Poloniex have to follow the law or they will be shut down and face legal prosecution.

You should have been aware that Poloniex would implement verification as it was announced publicly before they implemented verification


That’s incorrect. They added the mandatory verification, requiring the ‘selfie’ that is not required by any US law, outside of their public statement. They stated that they would provide a date when mandatory verification would go into effect and they did not do that.

You probably have to give me some reference of what is required. But photo of face and drivers license or similar seems standard for crypto exchanges and other international businesses who require verification from international customers.

Polniex gave public statement 1-2 month before implementation, they stated specific quarter or month when implementation would be. So there was time to move funds.