Newbie question on security and surveillance?

Hi, I’m new to this but have a basic security question regarding the SafeNetwork.
I remember Tor was supposed to protect people from surveillance and Bitcoin was supposed to be anonymous.
Didn’t take long for the FBI to infiltrate Tor and to track Bitcoins.

How will the SafeNetwork differ in preventing the authorities from spying, surveillance, infiltration, tracking etc?

Look forward to hearing answers, thanks!

In terms of how we differ then perhaps the largest difference is the data is inside the network, so not via exit nodes onto an insecure Internet. In terms of bitcoin there is not attempt to obfuscate or encrypt traffic (in fact the opposite really). They are very different, bitcoin I feel is a secured ledger of transactions, Anonymity is a very far second goal in that case as graph analysis etc. will always reveal what humans cannot see.

Tor, is more related to security and encryption etc. There are theories on how much of Tor is tracked, if any and also the usual theories about the core principles. This will be true of us as well in terms of are they really bad folks pretending etc. In terms of how tor does this then it is via a load of technical steps. They focus more on security than user experience and that is probably endemic of many such projects and not a critique as such. Our approach is no exit nodes, secure data cryptographically and then secure the network and comms, but the large difference is really where the data resides and for us it is in our network and tor it’s (mostly) outside their network.

They all add to the security goals though of tend to secure anonymous (or private be default, which I prefer) and free (thankfully). As long as all the projects exist and improve then it’s probably best for us all.

I should say GCHQ NSA and others outgun us in resources by several factors, so we must get larger fast as a community. They have “5 eyes”, we could have millions, if we get it right and make all our code etc. easy to read :wink:


Hi there, welcome to the forum. :+1:

That’s a great question with a very long answer. The short answer is that Safenet will have way more encryption layers than TOR. Bitcoin actually has none, it’s called a cryptocoin because the transactions are signed using cryptography. But the transactions are going over the network in plain text.

Here’s a short explanation of how Safenet works:

Here’s a long read with encryption layers etc.

Hope that helps a bit. The system is created in a way where only a few nodes will know your IP-address. But these nodes don’t know what you are doing on Safenet. The nodes that might have an idea what you are doing (not that much, would take them a lot of effort to see you downloaded a chunk of a Hollywood movie) don’t have a clue what your IP-address is.