Newbie here. Questions about MaidSafeCoin and farming SafeCoin

Hi All,

I’ve got some MaidSafeCoin which I’ve bought years ago.

I just learned about the transition to SafeCoin (fork?)
My first question is should I convert my MaidSafeCoin to SafeCoin and when I should do that?
Or am I too late?

My other question is about farming. I have a little data center and I want to contribute for storage.
Did the farming started yet? If not any idea when it will start?


PS: Sorry if I did something wrong when posting. It’s my first post here.


This is not happening yet, will be announced on this forum when it does.

Not yet, no idea when it will start, the Maidsafe devs are working incredibly hard to deliver asap.

You can play with this CLI to get a go with the network


It wouldn’t be a fork, as it doesn’t exist yet.
The SafeNetwork will be a completely different network and it isn’t based on blockchains.