New Youtube video about Maidsafe

The landlord’s brother wanted to try a business of making sheds, so we agreed to let him use the ground. It never took off though, which is a shame. Just us trying to help a local business, nothing more really. So the sheds have nothing to do with us really, there was a sign with the tel number on them somewhere though, but all gone now I think. We have had a few folk wanting to buy those ones cheap, but they are not ours so we cannot help much.


Legend, thanks for the response, curiosity satisfied :slight_smile::+1:


Hey everybody - if any of the forum mods feel up for a challenge 2 people have just recently posted YouTube videos on Maid. They seem quite misinformed - but I’m definitely in over my head. Both are quite “big” in the space so might be worth commenting??? :))) thanks in advance - I maid a few points but can’t compete with u guys: here’s the links-

And me thinking those were Maidsafe’s server rooms :slight_smile:

Also thought you as Maidsafe would have moved by now?

I know you said you yourself did move (out of harm’s way) but what’s the status of the office location?

We’re moving to a new office (no the University) in 3 weeks time. We’ll keep you guys informed as we get settled!


Thanks for info! Please inform also @dirvine about this news, it seems he was not informed that your moving to a new location :stuck_out_tongue:


They wish :smiley:


@fergish - how are you set? :slight_smile:

A nice bit will be forthcoming in the next day or so. I’ll announce.

If that’s what you mean. If not, then . . . “Huh!?” :wink:


I just read this thread and thought of your awesome podcasts! Looking forward to hearing more of your commentary!


Glad to know that the SAFE Crossroads podcast has not been forgotten.


I found this informative in the beginning. After that it was not very interesting


All good I went in and made a few comments MYSELF and a few other supporters joined me. He has changed the title now. Thanks for the support mods (only 25000 followers I guess)


Great video!

Cant wait to see what maidsafe becomes!

I agree with all your points. To me investing in Maid can be compared to traveling across the US; but instead of taking a jet, I’m on a train. I know I’m going to get to my destination, and it’s going to take a little time. But it’s really neat to see this project evolve over time. Investors in the “crypto world” are so focused on the quick return and the volatility of their investments. Maid is a different animal. Its true value will come in time, and it won’t be based on the whims of day-traders.

It’s amazing was the Maid team has accomplished over the last several months. When one stops and considers where the project has come and where it is going, it’s exciting. I know the increase in value will come, but for now, I am really enjoying the scenery!


I again ‘stumbled’ on a David Hay video, and I see that he hasn’t forgotten MaidSafe:


New video by crypto cruising

Let’s give him some likes and views, we need to support this efforts!

I already commented about PARSEC (not covered in the video) with a link to the Medium article.


A new one. Quite fragmented and hard to follow at the end. And they are still talking about blockchain. I looks like they are just creating videos about all coins without being really interested in the subject.

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that trend of cutting up a video so there are no pauses in between sentences really needs to die


Actually pretty watchable video production overall, despite the one main error at the end. (The fact that it doesn’t have a blockchain yet people keep mistakenly saying it does just makes it a dark horse for that many months/years more, keeping it under the radar enough to ensure that people don’t even know what it is thus not undermine it.) I still find it feeling good to see a video like that from an outside source, as much as the project doesn’t really need it at this stage.