New Youtube video about Maidsafe

Here a new Youtube video by cryptocurrency enthusiast David Hay trying to explain Maidsafe:


Not sure when he recorded this but it’s already out of date re the mobile app. Also he talks about the ‘Maidsafecoin wallet’ being clunky, which is interesting cos there’s no such thing. That said he makes some decent points in the first 5 minutes about the inevitable centralisation of power caused by the current server-centric model and the potential advantages to businesses of having no servers to worry about. 6/10


Agreed starts of with promise then he falls off the boat.


I believe that the team should be involved a bit more in promoting the project already, also in the social media (Youtube, FB, Twitter) incl. @dirvine. Spreading wrong info by crypto investors like in the above video doesnt do well for the project. All that is reflected on the price. I heard the Digital Marketing will start working on the first November -that is in over a month, do you dont have the funds and resorces to build the team a bit more effectively? Or Maybe the location- Troon is a bit of a problem, somaybe you should move to Glasgow or even better to London? :smile:

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Just looked on a map, actually didn’t realise how close Troon was to Prestwick, I’ll have to pop round and stare through the windows next time I visit Spirit Aero!


The crazy thing is that he hits on important benefits of the future safe network, but only really a small percentage of the incredible impact Safe will have on the future of the Internet.

Somebody should do a thorough video on the total benefits, in short form, of this network. And there are a lot, beacuse I can’t even think of them all off the top of my head.


The implications for such a massive paradigm shift in the way we interact with data are so mind-boggling that I doubt even David could get close to an exhaustive list.

Perhaps with a coordinated effort we could get a huge collection of ideas together and try to turn that into a video, but the more fantastic your claims the less credible you look most of the time. It’s also very difficult to say exactly what all the benefits will be; some of our assumptions might end up being wrong (like farming staying decentralised etc).

Sometimes less is more. I’ve found it’s often better to focus on what my audience cares about rather than drag everyone through the entire rabbit-hole with me - whenever I’ve tried that I end up with incredulous or confused expressions staring back at me.

I’m not shooting you down here, I’m all for more videos and community-generated material. I’m just trying to draw focus to the fact that sometimes you’re better off sticking with the core ideas and just hinting at implications to let people ponder them at their own pace.

You’re right though. We can probably give a much better impression of

I just don’t think a video should focus on

Better to stick to the most important core ideas from which all the other possible benefits are derived. The first time I saw the tag line ‘security, privacy, freedom… for everyone’ I just brushed it off as the usual empty branding we’re all bombarded with daily. Once I understood how the network actually functioned I looked back at those five words and was lost in thought for days. I don’t think anyone can just ‘get it’ on day one. It takes a piecemeal process of connecting a lot of dots. Perhaps the sensible strategy is to lay foundations for people to make that journey by sticking to the core stuff with the biggest implications?

tl:dr Lead a horse to water by all means, but be wary of trying to shove his face in all the way to the bottom, he’ll drink the pond dry himself if he’s thirsty enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All great points. Good to be talking about this. It’s time.


@alexdata87 you make some valid points to a degree and I completely understand your want to see your pocket grow larger as the project develops :slight_smile:

But let’s be real here, your not going to see a big increase in price for some time now until this thing is pretty much ready to fire. Be very aware if you aren’t already that a few large bag holders of MAID will heavily influence the price up until closer to release. Sucks to hear that but it’s mostly just the truth.

Until security is locked and loaded on this baby it would imo be extremely irresponsible to throw SAFE under the bus for the vultures just so that we all can have a couple of hundred % ROI over the next couple of alphas, just so we can feel a bit better about why we’ve invested what we have.

I’m trying hard not to sound like a jerk :slight_smile:

Have the b*lls to see this through till it’s ready to be put fully out into the wild and your going to be $ wise happy beyond belief, irrespective of how little or much marketing goes on atm (again just my opinion).

Ask yourself the real reason why your asking what your asking versus the most likely long term outcome of this…it is a forum though so I appreciate your point of view :wink:


thought that meant bills. “Sorry, can’t go out this weekend, have b*lls to pay.”

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I agree, the price does not matter that much right now. This is an investors project, not a day traders delight. Anyone day trading Maid is in the wrong place.

Although I do think MaidSafeCoin could easily break the $1 barrier, with a little bit more marketing.

When I found out about this project, it took me all of half an hour, with a minimum of research, for it to blow my mind in terms of bring about a staggering investment for the future, both social and economic.

We do need to spread the word though. Or at least put out the facts, and not have speculators control the narrative. And I think the amazing team at Safe is about to do this in a more professional way soon. I feel that I’m living a bit of history here.


Ah a man who did not view it through the “blockchain tinted glasses” and not a socalled investor after a quick dollar. I was fortunate to have been introduced to SAFE prior to even looking at crypto and after a while was hooked and then started buying MAID and only then did I look at crypto (so I could buy BTC to get MAID)

I feel we are at the beginnings of a “S” curve where growth is so slow, but now we are starting to see that there is increase. Bit like seeing the foundations of a building being laid, the onlooker needs to look at the plans to realise the building that is being built. By the time betas are running it will be easy for many to see what the building will look like. Then by the release candidates people will be queuing up to “buy” apartments :stuck_out_tongue::grin: and wishing they had bought when the price was rock bottom during the foundation laying time.



I think most of us are here because we realise the massive implications this is going to bring into the full view of Johnny public with respect to both the control and interaction we have/don’t have with our own data.

These implications go right from the every man/woman on the street right through every organisation to the very highest tiers of societal controls (govt’s, regulatory authorities etc) so whilst we all want to push this thing along (kinda like Homer Simpson kicking the Turtle) and market it better or more prominently than what it currently is, the risk reward benefit for doing so simply isn’t there at this stage.

It probably seems like I’m taking a softly softly hush hush approach but it only takes one ill informed idiot to start the process of bringing the wrong eyes onto SAFE too early in the process. Sadly most laws etc end up starting off this way, someone has an agenda to push and likes to make examples to fit that cause.

The astronomical benefits from both a social and humanity perspective that SAFE can/will bring far outweighs the need of a relatively small group (us) to bump their investment up so we can build attention. The attention will come, you saw it, I saw it and others will also see it once it can/does affect them. People (outside of the IT community) won’t really care too much until it has a real use case for them and they can just click and download.

Spread the word like a wildfire once it’s ready but tbh I think only @maidsafe can tell us when that time has arrived :wink:


I survived the tech bubble crash with %25 annual gains back in the day, yet nothing has ever felt so right to me in terms of investment, as Safe feels right. This is Buffet territory: get in low, and just keep buying, and when the markets blow up, so what?

Whats right is right.

Like razors: there will always be more people born to use them, and the same goes for the (Warren Buffett bought gillette) cheers!


Thanks for your opinion, truth is always in the middle, so there is never only one correct answer to this case. But youre right, i would like to see the growth (price and team) a bit faster these days.


Fair enough. I’m far from the sharpest tool in this particular box. It takes me 100 words to make a point that any smart person could make in 10. Maybe you’d be well-placed to help crystallise things in some noob-friendly material? Like neo said, most of us come here with too much baggage and too many crypto-based assumptions to get to grips with SAFE easily. Your fresher and less muddied perspective might be just what’s needed.

Perhaps you and @Zoki should team up to make something? His previous vids have been excellent!



@Jabba don’t put yourself down. I’ve watched this forum in stealth for the last couple of years and you proved to be one of the most important contributors here.

A group of techies (myself included) can fall down our own mental rabbit hole sometimes so a calm, life versed forum member such as you (your posts scream this) bring a very important and different equilibrium to many discussions, believe it or not those skills may actually make you one of the ‘smarter’ ones here :wink:

Ps: bring out the crystal ball it’s been a while :thinking:


That’s very kind and overly-generous, but thank you dude!

I don’t think anyone would deny that I lack economy of language though. :wink: I guess I’m pretty well-known for that by now. I’d like to see clear and concise thinkers making some more video material over coming months and years.

/Jabba digs around for his crystal-ball polish :crystal_ball: :yum:


Came across this article just now:

It says Maidsafe is looking for a place in Prestwick. :wink:


So been itching to ask @dirvine what the little buildings at rear of the current property are for/were for (I assume the dog/s) but didn’t think it appropriate to ask, but if they are moving I guess I can ask now (spotted them a while ago when I popped over to watch the Open and went for a wander around)

Hehe sorry off topic, good find @dewild :+1: