New website Safe Demo

I’ve made a safe website that demos off most of the features the safe js api for the maidsafe app competitions.

As of now NFS files and directories are working as well as DNS and authentication. I hope to update the safe web demo with the new safe js api when it is released as well as to implement immutable data and mutable data.

You can upload all file types and view some files in the browser such as video, audio, image and text files as long as the file extension name is left in the file name.

You can also view folders in the browser.

The safe website UI was designed with mobile devices and material design in mind, and also theoretically should work without further modifications to its code when the safe launcher is running on android.You can as of now test out its UI functionality with this web server.

To test it you can use any browser that enables CORS but I’ll just be covering chrome here

  1. You will need an extension to enable CORS I recommend this
  2. You will need a local webserver, this is an nice and simple one to use
  3. The safe launcher with mock-routing which can download here or the authenticator browser
  4. Enable the CORS extension it should be green when it is enabled
  5. Launch the Safe Launcher or the authenticator browser with mock routing and log in
  6. Start the web server in the safe demo web folder
  7. Go to the web server URL on chrome
  8. Open up the browser console for full functionality (right-click click on inspect element and then click on the console tab)
    Now everything should be good to go.

Great job, our first entry!

Told you people would love it :smiley:

Great work man, keep it up!