New website released!

Please do more research before making baseless accusations. There was a website before but it was sort of all over the place and needed refining but certainly didn’t take 6.5 years. End-users need different information than developers and the goal with the website remaking is to separate the two into distinct websites.

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Hyperbole, and a potential troll.

Go check github, they have been working on it for years. Maidsafe website has been around for quite some time, and now you’re complaining about something that was made up in your mind. Yup, a troll.

Nice job on the new website. When you guys do something you do it properly !!!
Is there any plan to also go over the design to the twitter page? It went together well
with the old website, not so much the new one imo…

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Yes I agree, we do need to update the Twitter graphics and bring it more into line, we’ll get to this in early Jan.

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Nice, this is an improvement. I’ve added a task and we’ll get this updated. Cheers.


Thanks @sfcoin, for reporting this issue. Will get this fixed :smile:


hmhmmm - stupid question - is there a reason for not being linked in the faq-section …? or on some more places on the website …?
I’d think it could be a very important link to some people :wink:
(sorry if it is linked and I just didn’t realize - but then maybe it is not prominent enough … cause I didn’t see it)

Awesome been sharing like crazy!

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There is a whole video channel

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thanks for pointing that out, should we not link that from the new homepage?
say in the footer there could be a youtube icon next to the twitter and meetup icons.

I had written a long response, but I guess a bunch of people already told you that you’re sounding like a troll: low on facts and high on overstated critique. This is not how constructive criticism looks, so if you’re going for that, please take a look at what you are posting.


She/he is not interested. I have gone through her posts and about 80% are all geared negatively… maybe she is foreign and comes across that way in writing or whatever - point is that like you its not constructive it just comes across as whiney and nit picky. If she doesn’t think SAFE is a good idea or does not support it, then why come here?

yes, much more graceful. unfortunately the changed it back to the abrupt way it was before… :frowning:

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Woohoo! Those are such great news! I am so happy for the new site to be released. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it really. Feel free to update if anything new. Thanks in advance.

As I did nearly a year ago in this topic, I thought I’d offer a few minor corrections regarding the MaidSafe website and its content. I intend them in a positive and constructive way (rather than as being merely annoying or trivial), so I hope they’ll come across that way. With that being said, I noticed the following minor issues:

  • On the MaidSafe Brand Assets page:

    • Page 5 of the “SAFE Network Style Guide” and page 4 of the “MaidSafe Style Guide” both contain the same minor typo in the line:
      “The following code sample uses ‘Source Code Pro’ as it’s font.”
      “it’s font” should read “its font”.
    • On these same pages, another line should be corrected:
      "The minimum size for text should be 12pt, for legibility on web, 16pt is recommended."
      The meaning is unclear in its current form, and it should be split into two sentences, with “For legibility on the Web…” forming the beginning of the second sentence.
    • Also note that “wallpaper-08” has a typo in its filename in both the standalone JPEG and the one in the wallpapers ZIP file:
      “buidling_light” should read “building_light”.
  • On the MaidSafe Disclaimer page:

    • In section 1.1, the phrase “all content is licensing” should read “all content is licensed”, correct?
    • In section 3.1, the sentence “However, websites do sometimes encounter downtime due to server and, other technical issues.” seems to have an unnecessary comma following “server and”.
    • Finally, for an extremely minor point, it seems that the word “Website” (referring to the website) is inconsistently capitalized throughout the Disclaimer page.

Admittedly, these are all very minor points—but since my coding ability is not enough to contribute to the SAFE Network in that regard, I figured I might as well try to add a little ‘drop’ of help (however small) whenever I notice a chance.


Nothing wrong with attention to detail! I could do with somebody like you to help me proof my sites


Thanks for these, your contribution is very much appreciated. @Shankar will be able to address these issues. Thanks again!


@nicklambert could you please add a page to the site that’s shows officially affiliated and endorsed projects?

Edit: or if there are none at this stage can you confirm no need for such information at this point?


No plans to add one at the moment @Josh. We have talked about having ‘MaidSafe approved’ apps in the past for projects where we have been able to verify the code behind the app, but given the network stage it is a little early for that I think.


I have some comments on how we describe the network on our website. I am not an network expert, nor a programmer and therefore sure the average crypto investor does not understand the concept of an “autonomous and decentralized network” with “federated servers” or “identifiable nodes”, to just name a few.

While we pride ourselves in not having a blockchain, I think the average crypto investor doesn’t see this as a benefit, until they start reading about the Safe Network.

We should talk to the masses in more understandable terms and slogans like: “Taking back the internet”, “Internet 2.0 - 100% Private and Secure" etc. That is the language people understand.

I would propose to change the 5 points mentioned below “The World’s First Autonomous Data Network”, into:

  1. The Safe Network is autonomous and decentralized.
  2. The Safe Network is The New Internet. It does everything the internet does, but better, private and secure.
  3. Safecoin is not only the currency, but also The Ultimate Smart Contract.
  4. The Safe Network lets you build your websites and apps securely and privately.
  5. The Safe Network has no central point of weakness. It is unhackable.
  6. The Safe Network its cloudstorage grants the lowest possible price, always.

By clicking on the links of these 6 points, it should redirect to a part of the website that gives a more profound explanation of what each aspect is about.

I am sure there are people who can phrase these points better than I can, but I think this is a start to help create a better understanding of this incredible project.