New website released!

Thanks Maidsafe!


BÄM :smiley::slight_smile:

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Looks great! Very clean and simple UI.


Wow looks awesome! There is a typo in FAQ instead of saying “WHO owns the network” (I’m assuming) it says “HOW owns the network”. @nicklambert just wanted to tag you to make aware


I like the new design too. As mentioned, it’s simple, but it gets the message across well, and points to more in-depth sources clearly.

However, I hope it won’t seem rude of me to mention a few more minor errors I noticed (actually, three others were already corrected before I could finish this post):

  • On the main page:

    • At the bottom, under “Features”: “Self-Authenication” and “Data Availabity”
  • On the Safecoin page:

    • “Each piece of encrypted network data is stored in a Farmers ‘Vault’…” [no apostrophe in “Farmers”]
    • “…a data storage and management location on the Famers computer…” [missing an “r” and the apostrophe in “Famers”]
  • On the Company page:

    • “Online data has become so insecure and data thefts so common place…” [“common place” should be one word, right?]
    • “As estimated 1.1 billion personal and sensitive records…” [should be “An” instead of “As”?]
    • “Despite this variety, we all share a mission: a desire to provide security and privacy for everyone.” [Is there any reason “freedom” was omitted? To avoid redundancy with the following paragraph, perhaps?]

Anyway, I was a little hesitant to post this, because I don’t mean to come across negatively. I think the new website is really nice overall.


Excellent job. really clean… there are some punctuation issues - who to PM?

No prob right here, the team will pick it up. Thanks for any corrections everyone, much appreciated.


Great as usual. Very refined. :smile:


Yes, good design, very clean and clear messages, easy to navigate both on mobile and desktop. Exceptional job everyone :smile:


The SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network is made up of the unused hard drive space, processing power and data connection of it’s users. …s/b “its”. no apostrophe

as is common on today’s Internet - s/b todays - no apostrophe

Footer: Features Self-Authenication ck spelling also “Data Availabity” (which was previously noted)

Design thought - OnHover font color on dark backgrounds s/b lighter see"safecoin" example on front page : By providing your unused computing resources to SAFE, you will be paid in a network token called safecoin.

Question: Why would you say “Welcome to a FREE Internet?” Whats free?

Thanks and again, really nice job on this new site.


No…not when I went to school anyway.
Got me thinking now…nah…can’t be… :smile:

Edit: I’m thinking “belonging to today” or “of today”…get me?


I assume it’s referring to “free” as in “freedom”.

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Yes…too much ambiguity I think unfortunately…well spotted @BIGbtc…needs re-wording I think. :smile:
Just my personal opinion, but not keen on the word animation. Like the rest though.

[quote=“SilasB, post:12, topic:6442”]
“free” as in “freedom”.
[/quote]can’t make that leap, I dont think anyone else would be able to either,

:grinning: Grade 7 English was the best 6 years of my life.


Thanks for all the feedback, comments and corrections folks. We’ll get through these and update the site as appropriate.


School days were the worst of my life…lol…Grammar School…hence the tendency towards Grammar Nazism. :smiley:


A small design suggestion if I may. The top banner that contains the logo and site map transitions from the blue background then suddenly to white. Do you think it would be more visually pleasing if that transition happened more gracefully? Like a fade in? Like the difference between a smooth high frame animation and a low frame one. I hope this doesn’t come off negatively. The site is still very good. I’m just tossing in a potential tweak.

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Could you also create a launch date mailing list for those who visit the site before then. A section that says something to the effect of “Sign up here to be alerted of our launch!”. That way passerby’s can be reminded of SAFE when it goes live. There have been many projects that I have had some interest in long ago, only to have been lost in the haze of new experiences. A little occasional reminder could have easily kept the memories fresh.

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Seeing it laid out cleanly on the new site is stupendously wonderful. I used to have hesitation about trying to initially fire up and scale the network on the current toll road internet. But now I love it. Comcast and its managers and executives and other such entities amount to so much spam and SAFE is a spam filter that will filter them right out. It dumb pipes them. And you have to see the complete justice in this. We paid for the current internet, its our property! Their property claims are BS and this is a BS filter that locks them and their BS out. Wonderful!

Then there is the spin proof presentation. Lets see the paid liars try to argue against freedom in its cleanest most explicit form expressed to perfection in the literature. It will only get better. As they start whining about not being able to molest people and this democratic customer revolt and boycott the community will be introducing physical cord cutters. My hope is this bankrupts firms like Comcast and hopefully in short order. Its their bed and they made it. They need FEED BACK and this is concrete feedback in the form of lock out through securing our freedom. No more of their threats, no more of their meddling. This will even undermine their puppet media loud speaker.