New website plan (Marketing ideas)

Hey guys, I think MaidSafe’s website is not so attractive. What about changing it in future?
Look at competitors, their project is 100 time less valuable than Safe’s one, but they are capable of valorizing them through great websites and simple explanations (like Substratum). It’s not just about website, but how to communicate to people the core of our project in simplest and most efficient way


Can I suggest you use the topic already created for this, only a few weeks ago. Plenty of discussions there already on this subject

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Great minds think alike. We are actually in the final stages of the website bidding process and have picked an agency we like. We will be able to share more information soon but know that this is a big priority for Q1 and we will be looking to tailor the messages for our wide range of audiences


Sure, no problem @neo :wink:

How to link this conversation to the post you showed me?

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Thank you @SarahPentland , excited and curious of updates!


excellent that those things are in the focus now too =)

Great news @SarahPentland! Can’t wait to check it out

I could move the posts. But all you need to do is post in the other topic. I think you find some useful ideas in the previous posts in that topic.

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