New Video: The Internet Shouldn't be Blockchain-Based


Very good 9.5/10.
Can you put a link to the forum on YouTube?


Considering the chaos that people make speculating, maybe is better to wait. Moreover we need to acquire more Maid tokens! :joy::sunglasses:


Shared on my LinkedIn network to fellow IT peops.


No need to speculate. It can be just like an AMA session with the team and describing the project and it’s potential. It’s all about networking and getting the word out there. We are growing organically which is good but nowadays finding a project like maid is like finding a niddle in haystack. There is no harm in exploring other avenues to market. Again, no speculating BS- just a pure honest sponsored overview of safenet with a good YouTube crypto reviewer.


Yeah but I think that once the news about Maid will start to rise they will spread like wildfire.
And speculation is not up to you, unfortunately you can’t control it cause it’s up to people in the market. And these people don’t take information, just follow the crowd to make money.
I think we have to choose the best moment, maybe in late alpha 3 or alpha 4


nice vid. shared on linkedin


This is awesome work @joeri Well done @maidsafe marketing team.


Awsome work! My compliments!


This is excellent nicely done! Just wondering why redirect users to the forum over the main website? Are we waiting for an overhaul there first?


Great work! Thank you for it. I think its share no-brainer!

If I could criticise anything, it would be a voice actress. Even though I normally understand most native English speakers, this was sometimes hard to understand. And I know this was probably some kind of “pure” British accent. Does anybody have similar feelings or it’s just me?

Anyway, you made my day! Work like this deserves appreciation.


It’s a Scottish accent, I think it makes this presentation unique and memorable. And of course the Maidsafe team is based in Scotland.


Nope, the voice is perfect. These animation videos have had a consistent theme, and I think that consistency is good. If MaidSafe decides to try a different media type, like a behind the scenes documentary type video with interviews and such, that may be a good time to try a different narrator to give some variety. At least that’s my opinion on it.


I disagree. As I’ve said before, the scottish accent on the original Hypercube video is what brought be here in the first place.


Apparently they’ve got this guy booked to do the voice over on the next one.


Keep the Scottish accent.

The Scottish Accent

Although the Scottish accent is said to be one of the most difficult to imitate and sometimes tricky to understand, a study has recognised that the accent is found to be friendly and honest throughout the UK. They score highest for both trustworthiness and competence which instils confidence in people. In fact, there has been so much positive feedback from the accent representing a number of brands that Scotland is said to be turning into a call centre nation. There are over 108,000 employees in over 400 contact centres in Scotland.

The reason that call centres are drifting from Mumbai to Motherwell is due to a number of factors



I had to listen very carefully in a few places to make out what she was saying but I often have problems with accents. I wouldn’t replace her, though - she has a beautiful voice and the reflection on SAFE Network can only be positive.


she is perfect, but for the behind the scenes documentary i will need subtitles for david and nick :slight_smile: , i had a dificult time with the Keiser Report


Yes, I’m almost embarrassed to say I would have to agree. I wish my hearing was better because, like I said, I have trouble with many accents, mostly the elegant ones. :disappointed:


Amazing voiceover. I am not native speaker and I understood everything. Love it. The video is best I have ever seen about SafeNet.


You need to read some Trainspotting, Acid House or Marabou Stork Nightmares. Afterwards, this wonderful although thickly accented English will go down your ear canal like a lullaby.

As for the vid…

My only slight protest (although I feel like a dick saying this) aims at the title.

I would just spend a sleepless night or two to think of something more positive and playful and teasing.


“The Internet Is too Good for Blockchain – or Is it?”


“Why is the Internet too Good for Blockchain?”


“The Internet Is too Good for Blockchain – why?”

or just

“New Internet is too Good for Blockchain”.

It’s just nitpicking though, because the content is pretty awesome, dig it.