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In my opinion, they have demonstrated it is.


And yet you do not accept what other very educated people have said is a mistake on your part. So its more than an opinion, when you try to spend post after post trying to redefine SAFE’s operations into a blockchain.

BTW you are free to proclaim SAFE is a blockchain to as many as you want. Just do not exoect people to believe it and don’t expect them to stay quiet either


If people want to challenge what they can not see yet, then I will try to enlighten them. I’m not forcing anyone to accept my view through threats of leaving this project because it isn’t meeting my expectation.


I think you mistake belief for fact. You are factually wrong unless you redefine words.

I’ll ignore the following dishonest comment of what I did not say/imply.


The meanings of words change all the time, that is fact.
I believe the definition of blockchain will change.


If it does then we can re-evaluate things then can’t we. And the definition may not change the way you want it to. Sorry you will have to at this time work out another way to get people from the blockchain community to get interested in the project so the markets can respond.


rolls eyes

Was I trying to get the server community interested in the next generation cloud too?


No but you were trying to get people from other projects to get interested in SAFE with delaying the project by some amount of time so Maidsafe could promote SAFE for you.

Anyhow this is way off the fact that SAFE in its present form and form at release is not a blockchain.


How do you come up with this stuff?


You can call “Blockchain” any solution that use a Merkle Tree but “Blockchain” derives from a specific technical concept created with Bitcoin. A decentralized database, but not distributed, where the one who writes the next block of information is reached through a certain protocol (POW in the case of bitcoin).

On the other hand, the Safe Network, designed before the bitcoin existed, is created with concepts such as a distributed DHT network and small subgroups that are in charge of reach consensus and maintaining the data.

The differences between the two systems are so great that only ignorance explains the persistence of calling the Safe Network a “Blockchain”.


Only have to read your posts. The tone, volume, remarks, pushing crap uphill, etc etc and also posts you make elsewhere. Its not hard to work out.

Anyhow I’ll leave you to your beliefs of SAFE. But be safe in the knowledge that the project is safe in the hands of the developers who are not making YABCP

EDIT: Added what I was responding to


You mean like PARSEC is based of a hashgraph which is a Merkle Tree (basically). So we can now definitively say SAFE is blockchain?


You can continue and say that the ZFS file system is blockchain, Git is blockchain, Cassandra is blockchain, Tahoe-LAFS is blockchain, Dynamo is blockchain…

In fact, in accordance with your absurd logic, most of the actual computer data is blockchain as the use of a Merkle Tree is common in modern data storage.


But a distributed trustless Merkle Tree is a blockchain though right?


I also think I hear something that sounds like a chainsaw in this topic :wink:
Please ignore if you don’t like ‘lame’ wordplay.


May I be so bold as to interject one word to end the war?


When one node lost connection it is necessary to inform all nodes in SAFE network or just some ? With 5 nodes it is OK, but with 1M nodes ?


Only the section that the node was a part of.


Just like a blockchain, right? RIGHT?! :rofl:


:+1: like DAG based dynamic sharding?


When maidsafe made the claim they were not blockchain, PARSEC didn’t even exist. Things change, maidsafe created a blockchain technology without even realising it :sunglasses: