New untraceable text-messaging system comes with statistical guarantees

Found this to be an intesesting read considering all the privacy issues of late.


Recent research, however, has shown that adversaries can infer a great deal about the sources of supposedly anonymous communications by monitoring data traffic though just a few well-chosen nodes in an anonymity network.

As an arm of government, lets hope MIT embrace the SafeNetwork as something clearly superior to anything they have come up with.

States need this tech as much as citizens right now it would seem.


States need transparency.


They’re calling it vuvuzela? L o L. Also:

“The system provides a strong mathematical guarantee of user anonymity, while, according to experimental results, permitting the exchange of text messages once a minute or so.”

Every minute, hm. I think safe network plans on instant (albeit at a cost, which hopefully is virtually nil! but maybe I’m naive).

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