New startup utilizing the SafeNetwork, any thoughts?


Could this be the Hong Kong company that invested recently?


That seems likely. The article was written by Cameron D’Ambrosi
"Cameron D’Ambrosi is One World Identity’s Director of News and Media, and host of the State of Identity podcast" @fergish He’d make for a great interview :wink:


Without pulling too much out of thin air… if they expect to be in beta by October that must mean that they expect a fairly stable SAFE network by then. Oooo exciting stuff!


I just started following Cameron on twitter @dambrosi, he tweets out quality stats on the privacy and identity industry.

2 Likes our very own @PeterRobertson is co-founder.


@PeterRobertson I look forward to another episode of Crypto Gossip.


I’m going to add State of Identity Podcast to my player to learn a bit more. Here is link to the podcast page. It looks like the first podcast was published Dec 8th, 2016


They still are not going to use the full strength of the SAFE network though. Seems SAFE is only going to be to store files.

[quote]For example, in order to complete an online purchase, an ExistenceID
user might receive a request from a retailer to verify their address.
The user can then select the requested piece of identity data, in this
case, address, and have it encrypted and encoded on the Bitcoin
blockchain. The retailer would be granted access only to the data chosen
for disclosure by the user, and nothing more.[/quote]

Why store this transaction on a blockchain to be forever available to people. Especially if the encryption on the blockchain is hackable. Why not simply use the power of SAFE to do it all?


Awake now :wink: that was a late night reach… most likely not.


Thank you so much for the shout out :grinning:


Thank you, and I feel very conflicted about this.

I’ve had some ill health over the last six months that resulted in my not being able to speak for more than a few minutes without going into a coughing fit, not conducive to podcasting. I really appreciate that we had an audience, and that we’re missed, that is very gratifying. My plan at this point is to get CryptoGoss up and running again and also to start a new podcast on identity to complement our work at ExistenceID,

Thanks again Rich, I’ll post back here as soon as I have news.


Hi Neo, a good insight.

ExistenceID is a new project that is firmly based on the concepts of P2P networks.

We believe that the SAFE Network is the most promising project for our purposes and we base the primary features of our product on the properties of SAFE Network. ExistenceID’s core product is designed for the SAFE Network. The use of blockchain is for particular reporting and auditing, of non-identifyable information.

Importantly, all activities will be completely under the control of our users, and can be either in the clear, or remain encrypted, depending upon the users’ choices.


… and your desires have been fulfilled! I just posted our first Cryptogoss since September last year. Enjoy!


Just now downloaded it. :smile:

Oh they’re essentially copying my idea. Cool. I got some competition.

Not complaining. I’m just glad to see somebody who aligns with my idea. :slight_smile:

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