New SAFE Network Wallet Bot

This bot has now been connected to the fleming testnet! You can view a more detailed summary here:


This is the kind of stuff that will get the masses interested. The network is still a little ‘non-techie-friendly’, but everyone understands telegram bots. Can’t wait to try this bot and see the balance in the safe cli. Nice work dude.


I know exactly what to make to reach the audience we want :smiley:
Even if they don’t use SafeNetwork yet they can still speculate and tip each other coins. It’s also very noob friendly, requires no setup and just XOR-urls to interact with the network in a basic way.



I had totally forgotten this thing exists. I thought a browser would be the first way to get a UX that could demonstrate anything to the masses. But this is it! Good job, and really nice that you got it set up for this tesnet so soon! Thank you!


Yeah, it’s mostly a testament to the power of the network that something like this is day 1 ‘easy’ to make while other cryptos struggle to implement their own custom versions. If the data is sorted, then, well, everything is just data and it’s already taken care of. It’s the second line of heroes like you that demo what is possible if the ‘data just works’ that will catapult this thing to mars.