New Release: Vault Phase 1 (real vault)

Personally I don’t mind a couple of extra megabytes at this point. And maybe that what is being stripped can be helpful in case of a bug.


Sounds like a reasonable approach. People tend to copy paste cmd snippets in order to learn and I think in that sense it’s better to be over-explicit (verbose) in regard of the syntax than too implicit. Same goes for the --from/-to options etc. Might reduce the learning curve drastically. :slight_smile:


Amazing progress. Can’t wait for Fleming


It was not that easy (advanced Bash programming) and took some time, but I’ve got Bash auto-completion working on Linux Mint 19.1. I guess it will also work on other Linux distributions.
For the ones interested, do the following (with <tab> = pressing ‘tab’-keyboard key):

$ safe cat safe://acompl/ > ~/
$ source ~/
$ safe <tab><tab>
$ safe ca<tab> s<tab>dweb/<tab>
$ ...

If you want the safe tab completion persistent: add

source ~/

to e.g. ~/.bashrc

You can get also from Github.

Of course you can change or improve this if necessary.


After 2 hours of cursing at the computer screen last night, I finally realized I had downloaded the dev version of auth and wasn’t connecting to the shared vault because of that.

Now?! I sent bochaco 2 test-safecoin. Feels good. Cli is intuitive and pretty easy to use.
Only comment is for transfer. Everything from emails to christmans gifts (at least here in the US) are from then to. So having the “to” first in the transfer seems weird.


Well that is rad. Will be great if we’re able to ship this w/ the bins.


Ha ha - we’ve all been there! I notice the dev versions of the latest binaries are now in a separate page on Github which is a good move :+1:


This is really great! I definitely want to get this distributed with the releases somehow. Will discuss with the team.


That’s really cool @draw! Just FYI and if you wanna use the following for posting more info also, I created this some time ago based on your earlier suggestion about autocomplete: We should aim at having it within the Rust binary itself.

  • Yes the auto-completion could be in the Rust binary itself, like my earlier suggestion, or e.g. a ‘safe cat’ output option that is easier to process for an autocomplete script.
  • Did you also have plans for an interface ‘shell’ version of the safe cmdline tool? Maybe too much work for the added benefit atm?
  • Another suggestion: maybe overkill but skim: a Fuzzy Finder in Rust could be useful. I encountered that in the following small app of @pierrechevalier83: find_unicode. That could for example be used to interactively filter a list of paths.
  • For Bash (autocompletion) under Windows:

–>I had a quick look. The (safe) Windows binaries don’t work (only ELF binary format I think). Also the Linux version didn’t work. safe_auth gives Corerror::RequestTimeout on src/libcore/ Maybe Cygwin or wait until WSL2 begin next year? List of programs that work (partly) with WSL.


We imagined it also, see section “CLI Interactive Shell” in SAFE CLI - High Level Design Document , regardless of the features it may contain, it’ll basically allow us to have some state across commands. In recent discussions it was also brought up the idea that it will be the way to merge safe_auth into safe_cli app since you need to be able to allow/deny auth reqs, etc.


@mav @draw

PR here addressing some of your feedback:

  • Include the bash auto completion file with some instructions on the release description for how to use it (thanks again for that!)
  • Run strip on the release builds
  • Distribute zips rather than tars

The issue with --help on vault has been addressed and @jonhaggblad also added a --verbose switch to make the output on vault a bit clearer.

I know @bochaco has also been looking at possibly getting some fixes in with safe too.

We’re hoping to release these patches sometime this week.


When you mentioned Bash autocompletion on Windows I was curious if that would work in Git Bash. You can run a Windows binary in that, but for autocompletion you actually need to have a bash-completion package installed (even on Linux I think). It may possibly work with an MSYS2 installation, which also runs Windows binaries. It has a package manager so you can install additional stuff, but probably too much hassle for most people, I would imagine.

I think Windows users may sadly be out of luck on this one until Gabriel can implement it in Rust :wink:

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  • I don’t have that much experience with Bash on Windows.
    If it is too difficult to get the binaries to work on WSL, better to wait on WSL 2 I guess. Something else then WSL is indeed probably too much of a hassle.
  • I assume that “CLI Interactive Shell” doesn’t need Bash, but you still need Bash in my earlier suggestion where autocomplete is implemented in Rust:

complete -C _cargo_completion cargo

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Please continue to distribute tar or tar.gz files.


No problem - can also add in tar.gz assets.


Ooookkay. After some hearty digging around the undergrowth of electron / neon and webpack, we’ve gotten updated browser POCs up for linux and mac.

You can find those here: Release [Working] PoC for CLI / new API fetch integration · maidsafe/sn_browser · GitHub


For the curious ones:


So am I understanding this correctly? Are we currently running the network decentralized and not relying on the DigitalOcean vaults anymore? This is basically the MVP from back in 2015-6 (before we got so many more features added), right? We’re running the network from home, now, with sites that can load dynamic data? That’s what it looks like, but I don’t want to get too happy…

Also, is there a list of public names we can try with the POC browser?

Not yet, decentralized network integrations are still WIP.

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