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Sep '17
should i create 30 topics?

No, you just need to access / visit 30 topics."

What if beginner read it’s own newly created (moderated) 30 topics. Does He read topic right after publishing it? It depends on rule(s) of course, but I think that moderated (voted pro) new created by newbie topics can be merged in all 30 topic prerequisites. So let me try create new topic with this. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

Assuming your goal is to get trust level 1, so that you can get an invite: no need to create 30 topics. Just read 1 hour (see also opening post of this topic). You have only 15 minutes to go :slight_smile:


I am a new member and love to be here


Looking forward to gaining some trust level so I can be of use for the SAFE community :wink:


Here’s a list of 30 topics that can help get you to level 1. You don’t need to read all the replies of course.

Getting started topics

  1. Start Here!
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Read the forum guidelines
  4. Video: The internet shouldn’t be blockchain based
  5. 10 key facts on… The SAFE Network
  6. 10 key fact on… Farming
  7. It’s not a blockchain!
  8. Can The SAFE Network replace the internet?
  9. Things that would not have happened on safe
  10. SAFE Network - Meetups

SAFE Apps, websites & development topics

  1. List of websites and resources on the Alpha Network
  2. The SAFE Browser (desktop app)
  3. SAFE Messages (mobile app)
  4. Use SAFE on mobile (easy guide)
  5. A community run test network
  6. Devolution - autonomous community builder
  7. Your first SAFE website – start to finish in just 20 minutes
  8. The 2018 Developer Conference
  9. Introducing the SAFEthing Framework

MaidSafeCoin, Safecoin and Cryptocurrency topics

  1. Is Safecoin money?
  2. What give Safecoin value and differentiates it from AltCoins
  3. Safecoin price relation to Network usage
  4. MaidSafeCoin price and trading
  5. Other coins
  6. What Exchanges trade MaidSafeCoin?
  7. MaidSafeCoin purchase advice for 2019
  8. How to use HitBTC exchange to buy MaidSafeCoin
  9. Omnicore wallet
  10. MaidSafeCoin listed on Bitker Exchange announcement
  11. How much do you value your MaidSafeCoin?

Once you have read those topics you’ll have satisfied the criteria and have gained trust level 1. Now you can request an invite token to create an account on the Alpha network and start browsing SAFE sites, create a WebID, chat on Patter, build your own website or even create your own mobile DApp.


Fast-track? It seems a daunting task because each topic has tenths or hundreds of posts.

Defaults discourse rules to reach level 1 are:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Second rule is reading at least 30 posts, not 30 topics.

Admins can change these limitations, but I doubt they have made them that hard.

Your point maybe valid, but your numbers are not for this forum


Ok, then new users can enter these selected 30 topics. But they don’t need to read all of them from beginning to end. That would take them days to do it.


Are you suggesting there are people who don’t reside on this forum 24/7? The audacity… :rage: :joy:


Sorry - was just trying to give people a range of topics to read rather then leave them to it. I admit that it might look a little bulky but my thought process was that if 30 topics need read then I would list 30 possible topics.
I’ll take the term “fast-track” out of the post.


"Rather than using a plug-in for existing browsers which could have cookies, trackers and scripts the SAFE Network has it’s own custom browse.

I think the last might meant to be “browser” not “browse”.

Am I doing this right?

Another intro that puzzled me at first was this one:

Interested in: Just browsing?

First you need to reach [Trust Level 1 ]… on this forum. Just read a few articles for an hour or so. You’ll get an email when you’ve achieved it.

At first I thought it meant that I needed to reach trust level 1 just to browse these forums! Might a less ambiguous heading be

#Interested in: Just browsing Safenet?

I mean, it’s blazingly obvious in retrospect what is meant but might help onboarding for the less technical crowd like me, who can still be useful for spotting the occasional error :slight_smile:


Thank you for your remarks @jasonbrown! I fixed them :slight_smile:


Awesome. Another one I just spotted:

One of the popular link boxes referred to this website:

However that appears to be down:

No biggie, just a friendly heads up.


This is a link from 2014 from a person who has just introduced himself… There is nothing to do with anything else in the forum. You have not missed anything :slight_smile:

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