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Just quickly on this point (as you say we are on our own deadlines, but appreciate the input). This is true, wiht any network you can get in early and have more chance of a takeover. However, here as the networks grow the sections grow and dilute such early attackers. So the cost of attack will continually increase as you will need to add more nodes. But for sure the earlier this attack the better for that attacker.

I really just forwards messages. Vaults in the route will know nothing about it, but the destination group will need to know the authority of the mutation request (not for Gets, only for mutations).

Anyhow I just noticed you received a bunch of links below your questions. However we are aware our docs are lacking in areas, so please feel free to critique, poke around and try to find flaws. It is what will make us all better. So balance reading and poking, we do appreciate it all. At time I will answer fast, with typos and possibly seemingly abruptly, it is just being busy, so pull me up if you thnk I am too abrupt of quick with responses. We are an open bunch of folks so no worries and thanks again. Happy reading.


Hi @jbash,

There’s really no need for you, or anyone, to shut up :smile: in this community!

As I mentioned before… we really appreciate your feedback because it’s going to help us get better in areas that need improving (like the documentation and how we disseminate the information contained in it).

Welcome aboard and I look forward to reading your next post.



It depends what fountain codes are intended for. On the client side for splitting large files into smaller parts fountain codes would be fine. On the network side fountain codes for reducing storage and bandwidth requirements (compared to pure redundancy), many people have discussed at length in Are Erasure Codes better than Replication for the SAFE network. I address redundancy vs erasure codes in the linked post #94 in the section for p19 (see quote below). Not a topic for beginners, but you seem to be good with analysis so hopefully can add some more insight in that topic.

The secure messaging algorithm for traversing xor space makes it much less practical to track and repair files via erasure coding.

For this reason I think erasure codes are fundamentally unsuited to being used at the network layer of the SAFE network. However they may still be useful at the client / app layer.

The RFCs are good to read and I personally consider them the very top of the tree of truth wrt documentation. I have pretty-much stopped using any other documents for technical information (mind you I’m currently heavily focused on backend and almost nothing api/client-side so ymmv).

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and enjoy the reading (I know I did when I first came to this community).


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Hello world! Just arrived here after hearing about it on Mozilla’a IRL Podcast - Decentralize It - Imagine an internet free from corporate goliaths.. I downloaded and installed the SAFE browser for Linux and was redirected here to build up to Trust Level 1.

I’m a retired IT manager and tech enthusiast with over 30 years experience dabbling in a variety of systems and eco-systems. My latest project was to root and customize a couple of old phones with resources from the XDA-Develpers group and a new privacy-oriented phone OS start-up called /e/ - your data is YOUR data.

I am totally impressed with what I’ve seen so far (a half-hour in) of the MaidSafe project and looking forward to further exploration.


David Baril
Almonte CA-ON


Glad to have you aboard, David.
/e/ looks like an interesting project (struggling to see how I pronounce it when speaking tbh but that’s probably me more than anything else).
The community here are a great bunch and I’m sure you’ll fit in very nicely.

Any questions then you know what to do…



The /e/ folks themselves are having a discussion about the branding - a combination of pronunciation, searchability and trademark issues, if you can believe it. Nonetheless, a privacy-centric mobile OS is a good idea. Here in Canada, the carriers are lobbying for the right to monetize user data - yet another instance of surveillance capitalism. But that discussion is for another forum I suppose.


Hello. Completely new to MAIDSAFE here. I am CTO of Oracle-D, a community and dApplication building project on the STEEM blockchain. We are one of the biggest projects on STEEM, with a lot of reach and reputation on there. We have been exploring how the SAFE network could be utilised to help us solve a big issue, and would welcome a conversation and potential collaboration with safe developers.
It’s been very interesting walking through the forums whilst I waited for my basic trust level, a very novel way of ensuring someone is serious.


My impressions.

  1. Speak Spanish, we have a spanish forum? guide? the world is the people and the diferences, included the languaje.
  2. Im emocionado for stay here, i see a good project, organitation and order. About the levels… think than is many dificulte with the languaje. Any way i hope than i can will be part of this community.
    Have 2 cuestions.
  3. How can i run a SAFE node?
    2.If I run my node for a year or two creating a reliable and secure node but my computer is ruined … I lose my confidence level?

Thank you and best regards. successes


Hola! We have a place for Spanish speakers:

Unfortunately my Spanish doesn’t go beyond ordering a beer :frowning_face:


Sep '17
should i create 30 topics?

No, you just need to access / visit 30 topics."

What if beginner read it’s own newly created (moderated) 30 topics. Does He read topic right after publishing it? It depends on rule(s) of course, but I think that moderated (voted pro) new created by newbie topics can be merged in all 30 topic prerequisites. So let me try create new topic with this. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

Assuming your goal is to get trust level 1, so that you can get an invite: no need to create 30 topics. Just read 1 hour (see also opening post of this topic). You have only 15 minutes to go :slight_smile:


I am a new member and love to be here


Looking forward to gaining some trust level so I can be of use for the SAFE community :wink:


Here’s a list of 30 topics that can help get you to level 1. You don’t need to read all the replies of course.

Getting started topics

  1. Start Here!
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Read the forum guidelines
  4. Video: The internet shouldn’t be blockchain based
  5. 10 key facts on… The SAFE Network
  6. 10 key fact on… Farming
  7. It’s not a blockchain!
  8. Can The SAFE Network replace the internet?
  9. Things that would not have happened on safe
  10. SAFE Network - Meetups

SAFE Apps, websites & development topics

  1. List of websites and resources on the Alpha Network
  2. The SAFE Browser (desktop app)
  3. SAFE Messages (mobile app)
  4. Use SAFE on mobile (easy guide)
  5. A community run test network
  6. Devolution - autonomous community builder
  7. Your first SAFE website – start to finish in just 20 minutes
  8. The 2018 Developer Conference
  9. Introducing the SAFEthing Framework

MaidSafeCoin, Safecoin and Cryptocurrency topics

  1. Is Safecoin money?
  2. What give Safecoin value and differentiates it from AltCoins
  3. Safecoin price relation to Network usage
  4. MaidSafeCoin price and trading
  5. Other coins
  6. What Exchanges trade MaidSafeCoin?
  7. MaidSafeCoin purchase advice for 2019
  8. How to use HitBTC exchange to buy MaidSafeCoin
  9. Omnicore wallet
  10. MaidSafeCoin listed on Bitker Exchange announcement
  11. How much do you value your MaidSafeCoin?

Once you have read those topics you’ll have satisfied the criteria and have gained trust level 1. Now you can request an invite token to create an account on the Alpha network and start browsing SAFE sites, create a WebID, chat on Patter, build your own website or even create your own mobile DApp.


Fast-track? It seems a daunting task because each topic has tenths or hundreds of posts.

Defaults discourse rules to reach level 1 are:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Second rule is reading at least 30 posts, not 30 topics.

Admins can change these limitations, but I doubt they have made them that hard.

Your point maybe valid, but your numbers are not for this forum


Ok, then new users can enter these selected 30 topics. But they don’t need to read all of them from beginning to end. That would take them days to do it.


Are you suggesting there are people who don’t reside on this forum 24/7? The audacity… :rage: :joy:


Sorry - was just trying to give people a range of topics to read rather then leave them to it. I admit that it might look a little bulky but my thought process was that if 30 topics need read then I would list 30 possible topics.
I’ll take the term “fast-track” out of the post.