New Medium Article Published: The Article the Internet Doesn’t Want You to Read

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Great article. You can really write. I was right there with the 10 year old you listening to the warble of the modem on the special chair in sweltering Australia in the 1990s even though it’s cold and wet here. And the ultimate goal? Boobs. Keep em coming!


Great work @goindeep! The detail is gripping and the humor pulls me right in.

I hope people consider sharing this across their social media channels!


Awesome article, thank you very much Andrei. I’m really chuffed. :smile:


Wonderful!! I’ll see that it is mentioned on the next SAFE Crossroads podcast.


Thanks guys. And thanks to those that helped, you know who you are.

The product is what matter, well done @happybeing and thanks @Nigel for thinking of me :heart_eyes::grin:

I have some time off coming up so hope to post another couple if I am lucky time wise.

@fergish perhaps get some talking points for your podcast off of @happybeing - I think your audience might appreciate it.



Great article @goindeep! I did laugh on your first searches :laughing: Look forward to reading more of your articles :smiley:


A great read @goindeep - thanks for sharing with us all!


I’ve thanked Andrei for his superb writing, and for putting his precious time into helping the project and particularly SAFE Drive.

I’m ashamed to say I forgot to also thank @Nigel aka Nick.

Nick is responsible for this happening at all, and for the super SAFE Drive logo that’s featured in the article.

I get a lot of help and encouragement from the community, and was already feeling very moved by that, when first of all he messages me to say he’d had a logo made, and hoped I would like it, but no worries if I didn’t. Which of course I did! See Andrei’s article and tell us what you think of that big SAFE Drive logo.

Next he was asking if there were other ways he could help me, promising to help with testing in future and it was he who suggested asking Andrei if he’d like to write an article to see if we could get more help. Nick took that on too so it didn’t divert me. And so on and so forth.

Thank you so much Nick. You are a friend and a great asset to the SAFE Network community. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thanks Mark, that means a lot! :smile: Happy to be part of this community with everyone here. We can all make a better internet together :fist:


Maybe someone has to order some custom MIGA hats :smile:


That’s actually a brilliant idea!


I really feel like this article is too long. If I were writing an article of this type, I would start with all of the action items I wanted my readers to do. For example:

  1. Joining the SAFE network. Of course you would include a link to this forum!
  2. Any advice I had on personal settings in the current internet environment to keep my internet activity private and secure while we wait for SAFE to be completed.
  3. Any websites with good information on internet privacy/security. In particular, where do you get your information you used for the article?
  4. Any other cryptocurrencies or projects that you think are worth following to create or assist in internet privacy and security.

Then you would provide intellectual and logical support for all of your action items. You won’t need much support, you are already preaching to the choir. Almost all of your readers know that internet privacy and security is crucial. The ones that don’t, probably won’t be persuaded by a short article. Maybe you could give your vision of what kind of nightmare the world would be like without internet privacy.

I hate to say it, but I think you need to get rid of all of your personal memories about the old internet. I skipped all of that anyway. But I am very glad some of the other posters enjoyed reading those memories. That’s really great!

The article should be as short as possible. When the article is short you have more control over what your readers remember.

One more thing, I think the title is perfect. It is a great attention getter.

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There are different types of people … Some people like and remember information better tangled with story, others when it’s short and clear.

I like it very much and I think to translate it to the BG site :slight_smile:


I’m glad you enjoyed it! And I can see you were not the only one.

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There is definitely room for more than one article to appeal to more than one kind of audience. Your suggestions sound like a great place to start.


Yeah look definitely there are more ways to skin a cat. But it’s difficult when you think about it.

I personally found this article difficult to write. I spent days researching what makes people who contribute to open source projects tick. Surprisingly it wasn’t all obvious…

Technically it’s kind of like a direct response approach because well that’s what we wanted, a direct response. But you can’t just sprinkle links everywhere. Or you could… But you’d get a different result.

At the same time it’s a Medium article. So it’s not like a hot list of prospects that I know a lot about that I’m writing for via email… Its on Medium and on Medium stories, personal ones from my research are what gets the most reads, claps, shares and responses. How I overcame X, here’s why I tried Y, 3 reasons you’ll love Z… That type of thing. Just look at Mediums top posts right now, they’re all personal stories.

The first story

Inflamed Bodies, Depressed Minds

It’s an article written by a psychiatrist riddled with mini personal stories, a 21 minute read and has 1.6k claps.

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting an LLC

A five minute read with almost 400 claps (it was only just published) and it’s another personal story.

The action we want people to take is a bit of a quirky one which made the post even harder to write. Sure you could say we just want them to click the link, but not really, we need more from them. We’re essentially wanting to find a small number of people interested in the project to the point that they will reach out. But they have to be technically driven at the very least and essentially want to give up their time and energy to put into an open source project that they know very little about.

That’s not easy. We can’t give them or promise them much in return. It’s not like selling something physical were they walk away with a heavy, high quality, polished and sharpened set of steak knives or a service that will help them solve X. We’re selling them an idea and asking them to help us, specifically @happybeing with his SAFE Drive project.

By the way, that is what the article was about, SAFE Drive, not SAFE Network. If you didn’t get that. Thats my fault and I’d like to understand more. Did you begin reading the article thinking it was about SAFE Net? Fell free to DM me.

But getting back to what you were saying. I urge you to give it a crack. To produce written content.

If you have any writing skill, like to journal, blog, write sales letters or just have an idea please start. The more the merrier.

Thanks for the feedback though.


Well I defer to your wisdom. You are the one that is actually doing the work. It is much easier to be a critic. And I am much too lazy to be a real writer. And we all really appreciate the work you are doing.

I’m sure everyone is waiting for your next article. I will be waiting too.


I’ve shared it in a couple of Norwegian Facebook groups and have suggested to a Norwegian news blog operator to have it translated into Norwegian. I’m also posting it on the page of the Norwegian chapter of EFF, EFN - Electronic Frontier Norway.