New MAID Listing: ChainRift Exchange



Following up with the guys at ChainRift they confirmed their reasoning for the delist:

“A combination of factors led to the delisting. Apart from the low trading interest as mentioned in the tweet (which unfortunately was the case despite our combined best efforts), our compliance team became increasingly fearful of MAID’s potential status as a security. Considering the fact that we’re incorporated in the US, we thought the best course of action was to delist it (at least for the time being).”

Note that we have been continuing to pursue listings with other large exchanges and hope to have some positive news for you on this front soon.


The US needs to get its act together.


It’s becoming harder and harder for someone like me (from the US and New York) to purchase certain coins especially MAID which has been nearly impossible since Bittrex delisted. We need other options and I would have gladly bought many more in this recent downturn should I have a place to do so.