New MAID Listing: ChainRift Exchange



I’d just like to put it out there that we’re also available for correspondence in real time on the SAFE Network Riot chatroom. If certain members are interested in a more responsive back & forth (e.g BIGbtc), we can shift discussion there.


That’s one of the reasons to try to go to decentralized exchanges, but the volume is still lacking there.
E.g. I don’t want to be in a situation to decide to give or not give my (part of the) multisig key, because a collegue has been kidnapped.
I remember that the identity of the people behind Poloniex was also difficult/impossible to get. Maybe that has changed after the takeover of Circle, but I doubt that.


Pretty much in line with the dictionary definition: a company that we believe is honourable, trustworthy and respectable and the mgmt team use the process I’ve already outlined to make that judgement.


You are not in this league. This is a very different time. The fact that Jesse Powell of Kraken can tell the government to go F*k themselves when given a deadline doesnt makes it easy for some newcomer to jump the exchange bandwagon and make the same mark. The hurdle for reputation and trust is much higher for you. Higher now than ever. Don’t even go there with established entities. Opaque is not something that should be in your vocabulary.


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Hello there, not sure I will be able to spend lots of time here, but I am the dev team lead, and I have been involved in this space since early 2012, if you were a user of Bitcointalk you would probably know me (used to speculate about price, scaling… you name it!).

I used to spend hours on forums the first couple of years I got involved with crypto, nowadays my online presence is very limited, this allows me to focus on more things and be more productive, I bet that you agree that this is better than trying to change someone’s opinion on the internet :slight_smile:

join our telegram channel and ask anything if you want to talk more, we are all there and surely one of us will have time to help you out or answer all your questions.


Just to add to Mourad’s (our lead dev) response above:

In the current case, the main scope of ChainRift’s dev team is the secure and scalable integration of the MAID token on the exchange. I believe the expectation for them to engage the community of each and every single token they integrate is unreasonable, nor scalable as we onboard more trading pairs - especially when everything is functioning as intended.

Having said that, I will reiterate that they are all available on our Telegram chat to answer any pertinent queries. The purpose for this is not to force you go elsewhere to vet our team, but moreso to allow them to respond to ChainRift users from different communities across the board in the most efficient fashion without detracting from their main responsibilities in the process.


But I see a typical pivot in approach from your initial post.

Look, it’s pretty clear to me that you have honorable intentions but yours and Maidsafe introduction to this new ChainRift was weak at best and it should not have taken this effort to squeeze information out of you. In my opinion Nick and management need to try harder at openess in this forum.

And in response to @mmitech NO, I don’t agree with you. You wouldn’t have to spend hours trying to change my opinion if you made a clear and concise presentation of your company, it’s goals and a little about the team.

Best of luck to you guys @dannyrdee


true, this is exactly what I am telling you, I wouldn’t spend hours convincing anyone anything, especially if I don’t know them!

Everything you need to know about the exchange (legally or otherwise) is visible on the site, the corporation is also a public info that is accessible by anyone at any time… OP and @dannyrdee already provided all info you need to be able to make a good judgment your self, “knowing more” about me or my team is not going to change your real user experience, I understand that you need to build trust with the product/service you attend to use, of course, this is not a non-custodian or decentralized exchange after all (something that is on our radar as well). go ahead try it with very small amounts, you don’t need to verify or start doing huge transactions right away (we got you covered there as well, unverified users have $2500 daily withdrawal limits).

Then tell us about your experience, tell us how we did so far try to simplify things from a UI/UX perspective, tell us how can we improve and be competitive with your currently favorite exchange, we will all take time to listen…the past few months we have been listening to the community feedback and we did improve so many things based on that.


I’m surprised about the deposit fee. I can understand withdrawal has a transaction cost associated with it, but that cost is paid by the sender so I’m not sure what justifies the deposit fee. I’m not saying a company can’t set any fees they want, just that I find it weird.


This is due the transaction costs incurred on our end when sweeping the deposits into hot wallet storage.

The maths behind it:

0.0005 (BTC withdrawal fee) * 6350 (BTC USD price) / 0.24 (MAID USD price) = 13.22 (rounded up to 15).

So the fiat value of the BTC withdrawal fee is converted to MAID tokens based on current MAID price in fiat.


I can see why the MAIDsafe token doesn’t get listed on many exchanges. This community is fantastic at alienating outsiders.


Nothing wrong with due diligence.


Well said. Use the exchange and store the coins off the exchange. The questions being asked are over the top and unnecessary.


Indeed, nothing wrong with due diligence at all. Traders and investors need to be very careful about who they trust (can’t help but notice there are are one or two cowboys out in that thar crypto Wild West) and ChainRift should welcome the scrutiny so they can get their message right and allay people’s fears as they launch their business.


Those who have hung around this forum for a while remember the NVO fiasco. I thought @BIGbtc was being a bit too strict back then. However, I was wrong and he was right. I also think Maidsafe should make it more clear what connections they have with people and companies that market themselves on this forum. Please don’t judge our caution too harshly. We’ve been burned before. I’d like to take this opportunity to link to the old NVO thread. May it be a lesson to us all.


That is easy, almost none. We are way to busy building, but we do try and help where possible. We are not the CIA or some kind of massive due diligence operation. All we can do is say what we know, when. Please think of maidsafe as builders of this project, not financiers, omnipotent beings or anything resembling some kind of market analysis company. We are a bunch of people trying to make a huge difference to the world as best we can. Not traders, beneficiaries of coin movements and certainly not market makers, many would love us to be and some insist we are the most professional due diligence crowd in existence, but we are not and never will be. One thing you can be certain of, we will be honest and that is all I ask of the team in the storm of insistent “professionals”. We are as you see us, open honest and true, none of what we say or feel is anything but gut feeling and in the case of exchanges all we do is convey the fundamentals we know of, so referrals from trusted sources are favourable to us

I get personally slated a lot from our original equity investors for saying they should not have invested in maidsafecoin and now it is worth much more than the crowdsale. I did that as our investors know little of crypto and wallets as well as exchanges. This is how we roll and we sleep better for it, professionals, not at all, but nobody is in this arena, otherwise there now billionaires. Many people are loud amateurs and that is fine, I just turn on my headphones and listen to something else.


Hey everyone, I’m the one who introduced the 21MIL team (who built ChainRift) to MaidSafe :slight_smile:

I feel comfortable vouching for them because I’ve known Ferdous (the founder of 21MIL) since 2014 (I met him at the Bitcoin Embassy in Montreal) and I consider him to be a good friend of mine. I’ve also personally met some of the other members of their team (e.g. Matt and Laurie) but not of all them.


Amazing amount of information comes when you ask for it. It’s no surprise the connection is from Canada with the Montreal connections.

The pumping of the ChainRift exchange or any exchange or business by Maidsafe should be accompanied by information similar to what has been extracted here.

I think of Maidsafe as an awesome business and its leaders and members as builders but who sometimes get distracted and, like all of us, occasionally make poor decisions.

I take my headphones off when I read and post here.

Things are very clear that way.

If Maidsafe is going to throw their reputation behind ChainRift as they did with NVO, expect questions.


I do not remember Maidsafe ever supporting NVO. They were allowed at the time to post a topic presenting their product & ICO (something that is not done so easily now)

I do remember NVO claiming such support.

I support asking questions of any person trying to present a business here.