New MAID Listing: ChainRift Exchange

We’re a US-based exchange that complies with federal and state law. Our tier system allows users to test our exchange before proceeding to verification. Users are required to provide the necessary personal information upon registration, and further KYC/AML documentation is required when attempting to exceed the provided withdrawal limits.


What is your withdrawal limit without verifition?

I went to create an account, but there’s a box you have to check for:

I am not a resident of the following countries:
U.S.A, Burma, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria.

Withdrawal limit without verification is $2,500 USD/day while you test the ChainRift platform.


Yes, that’s correct. We’re working on opening our exchange to U.S. residents in the near future.

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Hey guys. Just a heads up that we’ll be away for approximately the next 12 hours. Will answer whatever questions you guys have left here then!


So is there a time period set for testing. Or can one test for years by keeping under the 2,500/day

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The end goal is to get all active users on the exchange as verified. We aim to incentivize users to verify as soon as convenient, but for the foreseeable future there is no firm obligation.


Hey @dannyrdee good looking site and it’s pretty awesome you guys/gals are supporting @maidsafe safe coin.

I’m interested in knowing who the team is. I see another pump for you guys on the Maidsafe Medium forum and am a little perplexed that little info is public about the team behind ChainRift. I see a reference to a compliance officer/ team but no identity. Being a US based company would mean so much more in terms of compliance for you guys.

Any chance we can have a little depth to your intro?

Looking forward to watching you grow a successful org.


Lots of public stuff out there and a good looking team for the ChainRift (21MIL) and the Canadian content is encouraging. Even a Montreal support member

This is good @dannyrdee but if you can add to this please do it.

(I wish @maidsafe would offer up their due diligence before announcing these partnerships/relationships. The last time we saw a pump for an exchange… well you know)


How soon, might this be? Are we talking weeks or months?

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there is an exchange approaching me for listing, is there anyone from maidteam that I could contact? seems not able to DM David and the team.

Yes @nicklambert and he will see this also since I tagged him.

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thanks, pin him already

Got it, thanks. I’ll reply in the DM.

Do you guys seriously not know that any good marketing needs high volume and popular exchanges? This is unbelievable…


I prefer MaidSafe’s approach. I think the difference is partly in outlook, partly in priorities. I’m not interested in debating these, I just want to make the point as someone who has been involved with the project for a long time, that I don’t think it’s great overall, to spend a lot of resources on high profile exchange listings.

I do see the point that this would garner more attention for the coin and that this would highlight the project, but I prefer that Maidsafe spend the resources they have on other things that IMO are a higher priority. I also think it is more in tune with the values that I perceive and support, which gel with delivering first, then shouting about it. I don’t mean everything has to be finished, but a bit closer than we are just yet. I think when we have test Safecoin with vaults at home on a stable test network then priorities may shift.

I’m not saying I’m right or want argue the point, I just want to give another take.


Good marketing has nothing to do with which exchange is used by Maidsafe. Although I will say bad marketing is pumping an exchange to the public and the community without demonstrating that they have fully vetted it and the team behind it. I see none of that here by @maidsafe and would like it to be a priority. If @maidsafe is going to promote a company and sanction their efforts to take money and crypto from the public and the community let’s have a little more insight than “we talked to the team,”

While I did do some light digging and found some publicly available information about the recently announced exchange ChainRift, there is no evidence this exchange has the backing of any large org or long-standing crypto community member. Is our money safe there?
Hey @nicklambert, who is responsible for the exchange vetting process?

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Ultimately the mgmt team are responsible for the exchanges we partner with, Brett. On this occasion the team behind ChainRift were known well and well regarded by a member of our team, which is why we are comfortable providing early liquidity.


So many secrets Nick. For a company like yours that is supposed to be so open. Why the dark glasses? What is your vetting process? “Well regarded” means nothing in this industry without rep.

Edit: what has your management team learned from the last fiasco you sanctioned is maybe a better question. I believe Maidsafe also knew people that were associated with those criminals.