New HackerNoon article: 'About MaidSafe's 16+ Year Journey to Decentralize the Entire Internet'

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Published this About MaidSafe's 16+ Year Journey to Decentralize the Entire Internet | HackerNoon

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Good article! Thanks for sharing.


Always! Thanks and thanks to those that I PM’d who helped with 1 or 2 things :wink:


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Haha canned already, dont think r/cc likes HackerNoon but that is OK, this will get republished under my own domain later today :slight_smile:


Very good article, I can imagine people reading it, will get excited to learn more about SN :heartpulse:


Here we go one that works because it was posted under the CF domain

Be good if folks commented and upvoted. That Reddit CC sub brings in huge amounts of high quality traffic.

Link source from the sub MaidSafe's Long Journey to Decentralize the Web! | Medium


Thanks for sharing, great post!


Excellent! Concise and clear description of the basics. Can’t believe you sold though.


We need a few more folk getting in and about this reddit

Up vote, down vote, praise the team, their vision and commitment and take the nay-sayers to task. Get some actiion going here.


I came in around 2015. It’s now 2022. I held for about 5 years straight…at one stage I held what was a lot for me. If I had of sold at one of the highs I would have made some really great money and could have retired in a sense for a year or two. Didn’t happen I missed my opportunity. You live you learn. But the other thing I’ve learned these years (I think I started with cc in 13’) is that trading and investing is not for me. It’s just not I’m a content person. I tell stories and I market them. I worked out I can’t time markets. I’m more than good with that and it’s a lot less stressful. If I make some money from telling stories it’s a bonus. Hope you enjoy. I’ll be mixing some different kinds of content into cryptofireside.


If anyone wants to answer there is a question here does it work to hide my location even if I have a static ip? - Littelllarry - Medium


From your article:

SAFE is the sweetheart of the space. The team are legit hard workers and they never give up. That is undeniable. They don’t pump coins, they aren’t here to get rich off stupid images, games, memes, fake-ass partnerships or hype. It’s always been pure, raw, and intended completely for the benefit of humanity. That is beautiful.

Beautifully said! The whole article is one of the best on Maidsafe that I’ve ever read - thank you very much for writing it!

Only those with inside info or who manipulate the markets can time them. So you are simply admitting to your integrity here.

Just invest in what you believe in and hold it. Lose some win some, as long as you are careful in who and what you invest, you will come out ahead in the end IMO.


Thanks brother.
I think its hard for anyone to make gains nowadays in the so-called ‘markets’. They are up against a lot and most dont even know it. AI, ML, seasoned individuals and groups, pump and dumpers, saavy marketing teams, lots of money is stacked against them and some honestly gamble big and just get lucky, I have met a few.
And so I choose the other path, work hard, be consistent, build networks of friends and people you can trust, build leverage, the permissionless kinds, rinse and repeat.


There are a couple of questions, if anyone wants to answer?


The Android one is easy^, the question about hiding IPs I will leave to those more eloquent and concise than myself.

^Or it would be if I could remember my Medium credentials…

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You can log in with G, F, or T I think.

JIKES :smiley: 10 CHAR