New global legal effort aimed at censoring links?

Is this real?

This would be an attempt to put in global laws to control what we can look at and what we can say because it impacts money. We already have such laws in the states but for the most part they are to keep the immediate peace and not outright prohibitions meant to censor to preserve profit. This shows the profits and profit mechanism have become unjust. it would also highlight what a radical force spreading free speech is.

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From a skim read, this isn’t about blocking links, but the snippets of text that are associated with them. In short, it is more aggressive enforcement of flawed intellectual property laws.


Makes sense. The thing they are afraid of most is having their lie machine shut off, but that is exactly what must happen. Stopping indoctrination, stopping spam, its the same issue. Their megaphone is being taken away and they are being introduced to a level playingfield for mind share. They wont control with talking points or be able to generate trash memes anymore.


I’d like to see what Matt Drudge thinks of this.

@Warren and everybody else for that matter. You should read up on Bill C-51, the bill Harper and his conseratives are fast tracking through in Canada here. It would not only affect economic freedom but also free expression and pretty much all freedoms in Canada. I think that would most definitely include internet censorship.

And you know it occurs to me that if internet 1.0 becomes over censored and controlled that just makes the SAFE network oh so much more appealling.

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They shouldn’t have fast tracking for anything. Fast tracking is code for back room and skipping due process.

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No you think? Welcome to Harperland.

Was he a Bush admin plant? He stood up to the BA on one occassion at least initially.

Actually Harper was on a first name basis with Bush, as he is with Obama. He’s pretty much butt buddies with any American president.