New Feature - Slow mode

The forum software has implemented a new feature called “Slow Mode”

I am giving it a trial run in the MaidSafe speculation topic. It is set to 4 minutes between posts you make. The change people will need to do is to include replies to all the people they want to in the one post so as they do not have to be inconvenienced time wise.

Please discuss/criticise this feature and your experience here.



The site told me likes were disabled, but I was still able to like your post above. But I’m not able to reply without waiting, because I wrote something in another thread. And I’m not even able to abandon the post I started. It just hangs there. I don’t think I like “Slow mode”.

Now the like for the opening post seems to be gone.

I think the forum was updated and was in read mode. It’s ok now

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Unless I have become numb to it very few people reply with individual posts to each recipient?

In terms of feedback… hate it :joy:
I appreciate the fact that it will help when folk argue and ruin the conversation for everyone.
But this just ruins the ability to have a natural conversation too.


I agree with this perspective


What, that must be a bug and not part of the design. Not very workable if that is the case because that is more like a forum wide slow mode.

If that is the case then it will never be any good for most if not all forums.

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Well, I dislike the feature anyway. I’m not a big believer in babysitters for grown-ups, automatic or otherwise.