New FATF guideline to prohibit anonymous p2p transactions or hosting

How will this affect the Safe Network and developer team? Will it be possible for the devs to go AWOL and continue development of the Safe Network from the shadows?

In times like these I believe that it will be up to the Safe Network to save us all from Tyranny. We need the Safe net as soon as possible!

Also noob question, will the Safe Network enable blockchain contracts to be deployed on it? As far as I understand, Safe net does not interact with Clear net. Does this however mean that for instance, smart contracts running on the Ethereum network could also be duplicated onto a “Safe Ethereum network”?

Also, will Safe Network likely be considered an “illegal internet for terrorists” should the FATF proceed with these new regulatory guidelines?

If yes, how do we, continue to fight these tyrants and secure the safe net while avoiding them?

Edit Link to new guideline : A quick analysis of FATF’s 2021 draft cryptocurrency guidance - Coin Center


I don’t think that anyone should expect no resistance to distributed networks. Every time middlemen see their business impacted (a state, a bank, music publishers, etc), they tend to come after the cause. They will usually lobby for new laws, conduct FUD campaigns and generally make life difficult.

Safe Network was designed since day one to be censorship resistant and protect privacy of users. It is also open source for the same reason. No other distributed data network comes close and it is core to the ethos and design of Safe Network. Many leak private information about clients and peers or have portals which can track users, block them, or be shut down.

IMO, spreading the code far and wide is important. They will come after the code repositories and github has recent form of shutting them down, should they be considered harmful (not even illegal). Getting the code on the Safe Network (dog fooding!), should also be done when possible.

Maidsafe have said that they want to become less important in the development of the applications too. This is also key. The more people who understand the code, the easier it is for it to evolve and survive. Getting the core network features completed would greatly assist this.

One area that will be under pressure will be exchanges. The establishment are particularly concerned about tokens being exchanged for fiat currency and the reverse. Ensuring that farming is open to everyone, will be a good way to avoid a dependency on these. Bitcoin and others require inaccessible hardware, which has centralised the process of obtaining them. There was a time when you could mine Bitcoin on an old laptop, but those days are long gone. However, an old laptop should be able to contribute to Safe Network and earn tokens.

I believe we still have years of a tightening noose, before they kick the stool away. Getting the Safe Network into the wild will be key.


This means the sooner we have Safe Network running, the better for us before they try to kill us even before its launched because besides us there will be no other decentralized and anonymous network technology to stop the tyranny from what I can understand.

2 key points from your response was

  1. Get Safe Network Up running asap
  2. Make a github on safe network (especially to ensure continual upgrades to the network and making it impossibly difficult for any govt to stop devs from improving the network even if they try to track and prosecute the devs)
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  1. Test net is nearly here and as it is open source, others could complete if needed. Time is always of the essence though.

  2. Just need to upload the code. We don’t really need anything more fancy than that for an immutable backup. Also, everyone should download all the repos from MaidSafe · GitHub.

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I posted a similar take here.

Regulation is now too slow, so little to fear there IMO. It’s one reason that we are in such a mess, the landscape has been changing too fast for our regulatory systems to operate, combined with the difficulty of a global system that is impervious to balkanised jurisdictions.



There is risk, however mostly only to MS as it’s a legal entity. The code is already out, and there’re already parallel projects operating and Safe forks will come, so from here on the networks will launch; that’s inevitable.

IMO the gamespace has moved to:


Is this possible?

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I believe so.


It is, but it has its downsides. Easiest way is VPN, you can do it anytime no changes in SafeNetwork needed. The catch is it only moves the problem elsewhere, you have to have the other end of the tunnel somewhere.
Other way to do this would be to do the traffic masking in the SafeNetwork client itself, but that would need every client to support it. Same like bittorrent can do encrypted connections only to peers that support it.

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