New Discord channel for the SAFE Network community

Hope you enjoy, sharing discord channel link:


Don’t we just want to use the discord channel that was already created a while ago? I just don’t have the link right now… But maybe @frabrunelle or one of the @moderators has it?


Ah yes, I didn’t know about that.- before my time.


Haha okay yes maybe a while longer ago xD

Hey everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

After a brief discussion with @Lackys, we agreed to focus our efforts on the Discord server that already existed and that I created in November 2015.

@Lackys has now deleted the Discord server he created and I added him as a moderator on the existing Discord server, which you can join here:

Also, instead of trying to remember this link, you can simply to go (which will redirect you to the invite link above).


ok just tried it, works… handle is thereiver need to add a few more countries including Scotland :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,

We added a bridge between Discord and Matrix yesterday. This means that messages from Matrix/Riot, Slack and Telegram now show up in the #general channel of the SAFE Network Discord server and vice versa.

There wasn’t a lot of activity on Discord and we think that adding this bridge will make the SAFE Network Discord server more useful for people who are in it :slightly_smiling_face:

See this topic for more information on Matrix.


Why does discord requires mobile phone verification to enter it?

This altcoin season discord is a main platform for many altcoin communities. I would love to push our server in chats of others coins, but current discort does not have any chat rooms, and requires phone number verification. Could you make it available for eveyrone without phone number verification and add there some chat rooms, so people can talk there?

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There are chat rooms. @frabrunelle needs to see for the phone verification.

Privacy. Security. Freedom

OK, you are right. But why is there phone verification? We are building anonymous network and we require people to verify their phone?

We should add there anouncements section, and copy there weekly updates.

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As the primary and only active Moderator on Discord, I have had to Ban-Hammer Dozens upon Dozens of automated Bots that joined previous to this decision, to make the phone verification a must!
Those bans can’t be automated and needed to be done one by one!!
Francis and I discussed this and decided to make the phone requirement change.

Until such time as there are other Mods on Discord other than just me, we can re-visit this requierement.


Other Discord servers are using various captcha systems and do not require phone verification

@frabrunelle Can you look into this then, as I don’t have the permissions to add other good guy bots?

Sure, I just added this captcha bot and removed the phone number requirement :slight_smile:


Why I can’t see those chat rooms? I can see only #welcome and #rules

The captcha bot sends you a DM to fill out to be able to join, fully.
Did you check for that?

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I had to leave and join again and it works now.