New Dev Update Format Addition (Request) (Monthly)

This was very helpful for me.

Might I suggest that we have a monthly overview update on all things remaining like this :arrow_double_up:

For example, the first dev update each month can have a few added paragraphs like:

Here are the checklist items remaining towards the next release (Alpha 3):

  • PARSEC: Currently functions in a mock environment, but we are hashing out the final PARSEC code and will then integrate that into SAFE, as per Milestone 3, etc
  • Data Chains: Currently being drafted & designed in internal discussions, code hasn’t started (off the top of my head, not sure if this is true)
  • Encrypted Communications: This is achieved through several encryption schemes like AES 256, Salsa (way out of my area of expertise, but would be very helpful to get updates on how this part progresses monthly)
  • UDP Hole Punching: This helps routers connect to each other to form the network, and our previous test showed it working but needs improvement based off of X__ benchmark, etc
  • Boostrap Cache: Not sure, think it has to do with network restarts so perhaps data-chain related
  • Anything else that is required for Alpha 3 release goes here…

It would be exceptionally helpful and interesting to see the remaining parts in this format, as it gives perspective on where we are and what we need, in order to realize the next release. The updates sometimes have more abstract phrases like “home stretch” or “taxi ride to the airport to launch” but tangible reviews of where we are exactly, like descriptions of the remaining areas above, would be infinitely more helpful, to me at least.

It helps everyone understand much more clearly where exactly we are, and what remains, before any upcoming release (Alpha 3, Alpha4, Beta, V1 Launch, etc). It would also satisfy most people who are always asking for roadmaps, and it is much easier to implement.

What would the community say to approaching monthly updates in this way?


Got a bit of support on this,

Even if it’s impossible for some reason I didn’t take into account, could anyone involved in the @MaidSafe dev updates perhaps give their perspective on this request?

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Hey Will, as per last weeks dev update we will soon start a cycle of several releases as we roll out Alpha 3 and we will keep you updated each step of the way via a series of posts and articles. The format maybe different to what you suggest, but it should certainly keep you in the loop. Rather than being set up a time schedule they will be as and when new features are added so they will be relatively frequent, and will be in addition to the dev update so their should be plenty of info to digest.


Ok thank you, sounds very much along the same line of thought as presented here.

If there’s a link to them in the dev update it would be basically the same idea then.

Thanks very much Nick! :+1: