New "competitor" Topiacoin

Maidsafe is mentioned:
No technology currently addresses this need. There are decentralized file storage systems like FileCoin and MaidSafe. While these are great solutions, they only go as far as to offer secure storage for digital content, but there is no solution for secure data sharing.

My comment about Maidsafe is being deleted…

We even made it to the whitepaper hehehe

The blockchain market has fostered the development of several decentralized
file storage solutions, such as FileCoin, Storj, and MaidSafe. Each of these
products promises users access to large swaths of storage distributed across the
Internet and the opportunity to rent out their excess storage capacity to other
users. But these solutions only focus on allowing a user to store and access their
content. None of the current solutions are focused on application level data
sharing and do not provide any way for an application to send data to other
instances of itself across the network.

edit: We made the whitepaper twice

The market for blockchain-based decentralized file storage applications has
grown crowded with products such as FileCoin, StorJ, and MaidSafe launching
to huge fanfare. Each of these products focuses on allowing a user to store and
access their content.

Doesn’t say much for their belief in their product if they have to lie about other projects to make theirs look ok.