New Client Demo video


Hi guys, we’ve just made a quick video to demo some of main features of the network. The information in this’ll probably not be news to most of you but I thought I’d share it here with you all!

Hopefully this video will make it easier to see what the Network is for people who aren’t able (or interested) to install the software itself. :slight_smile:


Great video and makes it simple for new users to see just how simple it will be. I posted it to the troll box just after you posted it, as well as the video on how data is broken up and encrypted.

Will it be simple enough to change the encryption algorithm when required or give users a choice of what algorithm/strength to use?


Great video! Exciting times!


We use bernsteins chosen algorithms here (NaCL is very good at ensuring correct algorithms are used in correct way, folks could choose ecb etc. if we allowed easy change here, which may be bad). I think it would be unwise to alter this really as it would very likely be less secure and would break de-duplication making the network less efficient really.

Plus the self encryption algorithm only uses encryption to create incompressible data, not for it’s encryption strength. The XOR stage adds the obfuscation of two “random sources”, these sources are the SHA512 HASH’s and encrypt stage output. It’s not obvious but the output from AES by definition should be pseudo random (i.e. not repeating). Any strong symmetric cipher should produce pseudo random or incompressible output. Cryptographers could debate these terms for decades, but the case is unknown data encrypted gives what should be unrecognisable output with non repeating pattern. SHA security is similar by any differing input should give a uniform random output (uniform across the address range).

So XORing these together gives the last stage in the self encryption process. (note XOR != encrypt)


Ah, thank you for the reply and for going into detail.