New brand name for the network and the token

Every coin/token with the name Safe in it is made fun of in social media. Just got this on facebook. Advice in trading groups is just don’t invest in something with the name safe in it.

We need a total rebranding. What is your opinion?

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In that logic, bitcoin should also rebrand as there are hundreds of coins with coin in it…


Not an issue IMO. Safe Network is a strong brand, and it does what it says. A year after launch nobody will have heard of most if not all those names, and ten times as many people who never looked at cryptocurrency up to then, will have been introduced to it through Safe Network itself.

The community here are far too concerned with the crypto space than we need to be IMO. There’s a much bigger much more important market out there, and as Safe Network taps into that cryptocurrency experts will split into haters and converts, but will still be outnumbered by ordinary folk.

New people should be our main concern, not the cryptocurrency set.


SafeSex, SafeMaster, SafeClitoris, SafeSnake, Safe… Bulldog? Ewww. Haha. Safe Bakery is funny too - cooking up some hot Safe Buns and Baguettes. Also a fan of Moon Loot, I’d like to have some moon loot.

Personally I think it’s hilarious, and that happybeing has hit the nail on the head. The solution to people being silly and illogical on social media and in investment groups is to assign less weight to their assessments.


In general, what does a name change really solve? Like recently a Belgian political party who changes its name again (previous name only 20 years old) and making organisations with the same (new) name angry. I doubt they will gain extra votes with this move. Or AstraZeneca → Vaxzevria: who uses that new name anyways? For me it points the attention to the reason causing the name change. So you better make sure to have something positive for this attention.

I could be wrong but this is obviously a social attack on either the SafeMoon or “other” Safecoin blockchain projects. It’s of no significance to The Safe Network.

Hope you are right but I do not think so. I think it will be better with a new and unique brand name. Why not something unique like: Google, Uber etc. Safe is not unique and used in many scams. Safe in my opinion does not fit as a brand.

Brand names are more likely to spawn from what are services, the network’s name is simple and works well against the fundamental aspiration for privacy and security… and the third of freedom follows those.

Rebrands are a liability - and to my mind more often a marketing gimmick or a distraction by those who want to introduce risk… and we don’t need gimmicks where there a product that just performs in spades. Time is better spend focused on the fundamental key utility multipliers.

So, I’d suggest imagine all the brandnames you want and pin them to future services that are utility and want engagement from mainstream public - those will grow perhaps to be the mainstream’s first point of contact; the base network can remain as a generic simple name… or be usurped as “the internet” when the old falls away!


I see your point and I can accept Safe Network, but Safe Token our Safe Network Token is really bad.

Everything that can be said, can be said clearly. [Wittgenstein: Tract. Illogical Philosop]

It’s a [Token] for the [Safe Network]…

Saying “it’s bad” without good justification, is not persuasive.

It certainly doesn’t warrant a deliberate rebrand… whatever lands will do… what so many marketeers forget, is that what matters is the product. The brand follows from the product not the other way round. Comms experts think tail wags dog… but reality suggests otherwise.


In this thread David states that SNT just a placeholder name because anything chosen now before it’s live will likely be poached by scammers


For now just read SNT as “Something Not Taken” - yet


Not only that, but SNT is already listed on Binance.


Just gonna leave this here: no one would waste time spamming a project they think has no potential value.

Whatever the real name for SNT is (which is definitely not “SNT”), I’m glad it’s still under wraps.


When the project is finished it will be so mindblowing the name won’t even matter. :racehorse:


Actually, I think david may have got his wires crossed there, or been misinterpreted. Safe Network Tokens (just listed as Safe Network on exchanges) is the proposed name.

It’s the ticker that will be decided at the last minute, as there is no way to trademark or reserve it, and things like SNT, SAFE etc are already in use.


Or, maybe Cyber coins are coming? :robot:


We’ve gone over the ticker name stuff in a bunch of threads.

The TL;DR is that there are plenty of options, but discussing and picking one in an open forum increases the chance of it being sniped.


“safestcoin” - I win!