New and improved SAFE Network Primer - now with added PARSEC


Actually I was thinking the size of the handout. No matter what you do with sizing and formatting. 32-40 pages of 8-11" is a lot of info to turn into a hand out. It’s more of a small booklet. You might want to invest in some self publishing through lulu or something and make a few of them. I think lulu also does bindings as well.



If there’s a market, I could probably produce a cut-down version at 10 pages or so making it more of a brochure, but we’d need to think carefully about who it’s intended for and what the main messages would be. Sometimes less is more difficult.



no doubt if you are talking to crypto traders 10 pages is like already pretty long for us to attend to one thing lol. Maybe have two versions. Version A for like hackathons and stuff with nerds that read more… and Version B, lets call it the salesman version, that more just focuses on use cases and as fast as possible get to how this is helping me today before I start looking at another flyer for like pizza.



Well that would be an entirely different beast. The purpose of the primer is to pull together all the moving parts of SAFE and to set them out in the context of SAFE’s goals to make the big picture easier to understand. That could definitely be done in a shorter form, but not in one page. Nothing wrong with a 10 second message of course, but that would be an ad rather than an explainer.



the current version is truly a very thorough explanation and all jokes aside I did actually read it all and commend you on that great work! The keep it simple sections are great to ground people that start to get overwhelmed with high tech talk and are just lowly traders.

That said I think you can indeed harvest an ad version out of it. What would I put in that? Open with the first 2 paragraphs of vaults and networks section. Then a synopsis of the farming economy that might be more of a diagram then words. And finish with what you put near the start in this version. Just a big list of what you call fundamental principles (and some are nothing more then that), but I would scrub out anything that is not alluding to a direct benefit (yes there is a lot of grey area here between explaining how something work and what’s telling me about what I get when it works, so judgment would be required here.) I think that would fit on one of those brochures that are really just one page folded up into 6 small pages.