Never trust a corporation to do a library's job - As Google abandons its past, Internet archivists step in to save our collective memory

I sincerely hope maidsafe can be an answer to this most worrisome trend. On all levels of politics rewriting history seems to be one of the most effective ways to brainwash, and now that google is one of the most influential corporations in the world, also this policy has been forced upon them.

Archiving content and making it publicly available for the next generations is of vital importance.

I have read that maidsafe does not care about time since it is mostly a human construct and needlessly complicate many technical problems. Will maidsafe make it possible to (approximately) verify when some piece of data was uploaded? I think this is an extremely important feature, like proof of existence in the bitcoin world.

Currently reading some historical piece of archived news one always has to consider if the news article has been manipulated in some way. If maidsafe can provide another level of assurance in that the news has not been altered since it was originally posted, this problem is mostly eliminated.


I love – It is SO much better to read history straight from the pen of a historical figure than to read what other say about it from their rather corrupted lens further down the historical timeline. I find that history books tend to be quite biased in thinking that the researcher is wiser than the subject, but in most cases that doesn’t appear to be true if you read the original writings.

I suspect getting the internet archives onto the MaidSAFE network is a perfectly noble undertaking… Google does have legal troubles of a nature that would not be a problem in a MaidSAFE environment.

Weather MaidSAFE has a timestamp or not - there are certainly plenty of other Time Oracles that can be referenced – the Bitcoin Blockchain for starters… Any App on the MaidSAFE network ought to be able to reference something of that nature to establish it’s records. The real challenge with the library project as a MaidSAFE app would be to index it all, I suspect… That is a pretty good idea for a MaidSAFE app…

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That statement must sound ominous to content producers!

It’s not like noone would be doing it. Private companies (and private libraries) do that on their own dime and that’s been the case for centuries. How did all those books from times past survive? Were they stored in state-sponsored libraries? Is MaidSafe not a corporation? Whose money is keeping non-profits alive - private or public?

If noone wants to pay for it, as was obviously the case for Google News and whatnot (they couldn’t monetize it even by surrounding the damn thing with ads), I would ask how much is that info really worth? It’s the same thing as Wikipedia.

I’d like to know the exact amount the author of the article has donated to the Wayback machine (or the Internet archive) to better understand how much he values their service.

To one degree or another the answer to this is “yep”. For the most part Google was redistributing public domain books… I believe the beef with current or “in Copyright” publishers was the legality of indexing their work and telling searchers that a particular thing was mention on page 231, with a snippet of context… Most of the works I found fascinating where from the 17 and 1800’s … Probably well into the public domain.

MaidSAFE is a double edged sword though. I am convinced it will be used by both good guys and bad guys for both good and evil, no matter who you think good guys and bad guys are or what you think good or evil are… Technology is in large part morally agnostic, and maidSAFE seems like Bittorrent on steroids…

In theory, I believe MaidSAFE has some degree of re-reimbursement planned for content providers… This seems like a good idea that would be nearly impossible to implement in a manner that can be administered in a decentralized however… (How do you know what is public domain and what is not? How do you know if this is submitted by the intellectual property owner or if it is just a copy?) If you make these decisions in a manner which is not algorithmic and decentralized there is likely to be lawsuits… But maybe.

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