Network Storage Capacity Ledger

What would be the security ramifications if the network asked each vault to report how much storage it was providing to the network and the network then keeped track of the available storage as vaults went on and off line on a public ledger?

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There is an interesting thing about the network, data is distributed evenly across the groups. So a single group will show a level of data that’s about the same across all groups. We can tell roughly how many groups there are from our own prefix (the part of the binary tree of routing, starts at null then splits to prefix 1 and prefix 0, then they split to 00, 01 & 10, 11 etc.). It’s nowhere near exact but at scale will be more and more accurate.

In saying that popular Mutable Data elements may sway this a bit, we do need to dive deeper into the research there.

So in short a single group will tell you a lot about the amount of data and for right now each node is expected to hold all that data, so a single node’s data * number of groups will be very close to the total. (caveat though this may change a bit during beta).