Network resilience during Earth Day

Earth Day is happening in April, when people are encouraged to turn off electrical devices for a day. It is therefore likely that the Maid Safe network will experience many vaults simultaneously droping off the network as the day starts (mitigated by timezones). Will Maid Safe, with it’s x4 replication be able to replicate data fast enough to handle this scenario?

Is the number 4 a constant, or will the network keep track of how often data is completely lost, and increment it (4.1 would perhaps mean 10% of new files get replicated x5)?

Could always turn them all on to celebrate Earth Day that way?

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I’d say those who know anything about farming rate will realise that the more the strong supporters turn off their computers the more farming rate rises and more the opportunity to earn extra coin.

Also you must consider that the earth is round and this will be a rolling “outage” So the effects will be not be the same as if all those who turn off did so for the SAME 24 hours

In theory the number could drop to 1. But the system tries for 6

Also as people turn off so then the chunks in the vaults for those who stay on will rise to compensate.

As long as enough storage stays online then it will remain at 6 even if 1/2 turned off. Its not the number of vaults but the total storage provided.

EDIT: Put some figures

massive turnout for earth day. 30% worldwide have turned off at any particular time. Like 50% in each timezone turn off for nearly 24 hours average each

If average copies prior to earth day were at 5.5 which is low and farming rate is 0.25 (TP-TS)/TP

Then at any one time 30% turn off resulting in 30% less storage ==> average of 3.85 copies

FR rises to 1.00 and everyone who doesn’t turn off realises they can “cash” in for 24 hours so they turn on extra storage/vaults and the number of copies rises and FR will drop again

At no time was the network in any trouble and that is with it starting with lowish storage and 50% of the world joining into the earth day turn off.

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I highly doubt that many people will be turning off their computers to celebrate Earth day.


Earth Day is happening in April, when people are encouraged to turn off electrical devices for a day

Well there is no network that relies on end users yet, but also SAFE users aren’t that stupid to turn off their device.

Only a complete fool will buy and operate a useful electric device and deliberately power it off to inconvenience herself (and others) for one random day (weekend day one year, working day another) every year.

[To achieve the same effect, one can simply postpone every appliance purchase by 30 days. That equals 30 years worth of Eath Fool Days. Actually it equals much more because the supposedly bad fuels will be less used in the future.]

If anything, the Earth Fool Day reminds us how stupid the idea is: energy equals prosperity, and by cutting its use faster than technology allows it, the only certain result is a lower standard of living. Over decades and centuries no one has achieved prosperity with less energy.

On the small scale savings are possible but they most certainly don’t happen because fools pull the plug for one day out of 365!