Net neutrality and safe speed

So from what I can gather net neutrality abolishment is about making the big boys traffic faster than us little chaps. How would this effect safe? Would all safe data be funneled into slow lanes as it’s not part of the premium players

Only for the USA. You know 1/4 billion people in a connected world of over 2 billion computers.

For SAFE the concentration of hosting in the USA is not going to be a factor since SAFE is using home computers and not data centres.

So the net neutrality is only going to affect people in the USA.

Also if they throttle SAFE then they will be throttling a lot of other stuff and people will complain and move to an ISP that doesn’t implement such restrictions

And for the 90+% of other home users not in the USA which don’t have USA’s “net neutrality” but rather common sense so this USA oddity will not affect them. Other countries achieve a balanced internet by common sense and their laws restricting such practices (worse case fears USA people are claiming). Some countries have better balance than others.


Other countries will get SAFE and move forward,

USA might move backwards,

And when they sees the other countries getting ahead, the rules will change either by the people forcing it or economic incentives from the top.

Either way, they will see what they’re missing out on and how huge it is. They will demand it :slight_smile: