Neos Metaverse on SAFE Network

Hello SAFE Network community,

I’m a (very) long term MaidSafe investor and NeosVR Metaverse co-founder and CEO.
For the past 4 years, we have been developing this novel Metaverse, very unique in it’s design with completely dynamic worlds created collaboratively from within virtual reality. There is nothing else like this yet.

From the start, we planned on running Neos on the SAFE Network and we still do. Check out our White Paper including a Master Plan, we even mention SAFE Network specifically there. Have we mentioned SAFE correctly?

The main reason I’m writing this post now is that we just started a small ICO to support development of Neos. Would love to hear your feedback on how to make it more attractive, what do you think of our White Paper, exchanges we could list the token at, how we could make more people aware of the project etc.

Could we start using SAFE Network for something already? I guess blob storage services will come first as soon as the network is up and running and the full cloud later on.

This here is my totally favorite crypto community, I totally loved visiting Ayr last year for SAFE DevCon 2018, thank you for the hoodie! There are incredibly smart people here. Your opinion means a lot to me :heart::heart:

Links: (ann thread comments appreciated) (this is our primary community hub) (this is where you get and update Neos for now)

:sunny:Neos Meetup
Sun, Feb 3rd, 2pm PST / 23:00 CET

We’ll talk new Hub, Neos Credits crypto, fish for everyone. It’s gonna be great.
Featuring @Frooxius, @Nexulan and you! :v:

It went great:

Getting some initial press

Come join our next one:
:sunny:Next Neos Meetup
Sun, Feb 10th, 1pm PST / 22:00 CET

We have some records to break now. See you there legends :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Yes, our users primarily use virtual reality glasses as those are arguably a bit more technologically mature than augmented/mixed reality glasses (where you see both virtual and real objects).

I’m not aware that the leading augmented reality headsets like Hololens 2 and Magic Leap have GPS / geo anchoring systems to allow for such use. But Neos works on these and is ready once they do have this geo - binding capability.

We’re getting ready to launch new website and UI