Neocons have only one plausible strategy to attack Iran, the time to stop them is now

Clearly the Neocons want regime change in Iran. To do that they will need 911 part 2 just like they had Iraq part 2. And just like Iraq part 2, 911 part 2 would have to radically worse than part 1. They failed with Romney last time and now they seem to have Hillary. Just think of lines, “Hillary is a policy wonk,” “Hillary has shown she can be a good Neocon.” Hillary is calling for more secrecy and more surveillance at every turn. The first bout with the Clinton’s was a bit like the first bout with the Bushes with HW as Regan VP and then a four year term. What do we think the 2nd bout with the Clintons will be like? A lot like the second round with the Bush’s with W. A hell of a lot worse. Think of the raging stupidity under Bush. Godwin’s law and all, but naming anything “homeland” security! The homeland term is pure Nazi and the implication is that American global masters should be free to roam. Its disgusting beyond belief. What would a 911 part 2 do to US society. On the right the Neocon influence is still very strong, and in the election it even hits Trump through Ryan. The time to stop it is now.