Neliberals and Neocons are criminals and should be in prison not in power

Both ideologies are as dangerous and as stupid as Nazism. Their proponents that are in power are invariably criminals, as the ideologies are criminal. Both come down to “some people are superior to other people” and the superiors should have power over their inferior without limit. These are psychopathic/sociaopathic ideologies and if their agendas are not rolled back and their actor proponents not condemned and locked up the majority of humanity will become openly considered disposable and expendable and substantial genocide and a course of intentional human extinction will begin again.

And lets not let Libertarians escape here. Libertarianism is incredibly dishonest, but has attracted its share of honest innocents. Libertarianism is not and has never been about non coercion, that has always been a lie, it always been about control by business which is still control and amounts to we ensure people never have enough so they keep taking orders, its another ideology of control- and on the “finders keepers, losers weepers” level. The Teaparty is another form of fascism and its another Libertarian expression. You have to go Libertarian Socialist or tack on some other correction before it anything other than another scam based on a deep misunderstanding of universe and human nature. Its another religion with the market as a god. Its never worked and it never well.

No capitalist left behind (where Warren passes)!

As Marx said, it was a phase.