Negative media perception countermeasures. Are we ready?

Great firewall world wide style baby. China can tutor us on that can’t they?

Yep they tutor us that whitelisting the internet CANNOT be done.

They have too many incentives not to do it properly. SAFE makes these incentives disappear by disrupting almost every digital market.

No they don’t. They want it badly.

In any case whitelisting the internet worldwide is fantasy technically speaking

You do know I’m playing devils advocate here. I love SAFE. circa 2014 :v:


I think your view of (western) governments is a bit too negative. If the GDPR teaches us anything, it’s that they do care about privacy and a functional internet.

But they want money more.

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IF it were possible to whitelist internet then they could allow their commerce to operate.

OR are you admitting that whitelisting the internet will destroy it and online commerce dies,

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Current ventures are solidifying unpredictably but technology is allowing for ease of automation in the feild of restriction.

Anyway. This has been fun and enlightening. I’m almost blasted out of my mind right now. Only the Irish in me and the resulting elevated levels of ethenol dehydrogenase keeps me together long enough for these discussions.

Time to put my poppycock in some mommysock and called it a night. Peace at the bottom of grease old friend. :v:

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They dont have secrecy needs they have transparency needs that protect our privacy and speech and rights needs.

Well, they indeed have a duty of transparency towards those who elected them. But as they are all corrupt to the core, in the end it turns out that they have a need for secrecy. Not that I approve this fact, but, well, this is how things are.

I have a lot to say on this subject, but it involves things that people won’t believe until they actually happen. Suffice it to say that Former NSA Director Mike Rogers has publicly advocated for removing backdoors but adding big front doors with multisig. I don’t know if protecting the individual citizen is enough, honestly. It’s an open question, I suppose, but being able to communicate securely allows some with power to do unbelievably horrible things and get away. That’s going to be a big discussion, I imagine. Speaking of, the IG report on Hillary’s email will be an open public event on the 11th. C-SPAN, possibly. Anyway, I foresee massive pushback on the aspect of no doors for law enforcement. Moreover, I think we might be talking about new forms of governance altogether, something in which power is even less dispersed that it is through a democratic republic. Shocking as it may seem, it sounds like the monarchy’s days are also numbered. Now, the next Magna Carta or Declaration of Independence would be exciting, but likely pretty scary at the same time. When/if the shoe drops in a very explicit way and/or you can figure out what in the world this is all about, I’ll say more. Keep in mind, the yearly average for US federal sealed indictments is @1,000.

I strongly disagree. Policies change, and they do so quickly. “Republic” and “democracy” are just words used in propaganda by those in power. What words happen to be fashionable also varies over time. They used to torture and kill people in the name of the true God. Some still do, but more sophisticated nations nowadays kill and torture people in the name of democracy and freedom. When somebody puts you on the rack or sticks your head i a bucket of water, it doesn’t really matter to you why he says he is doing it or what words he is using. You just want it to stop.

Up until WWII the US was seen as a symbol of liberty by many. Then South America happened, along with Vietnam and so on. Europe, including little Finland, certainly has its own history of equally horrible crimes. My sad belief is that the more power an organization has, the more it will use it to suppress others. The organization can be a “government” or a “company” or a “kolkhoz”. This has nothing to do with east or west or any other cardinal direction. It also has nothing to do with what the organization calls itself - be that “democracy”, “church” or “dictatorship”.